anomalism 9-15    2004-09-15 05:07:02 ET
The scimitar like extensions of my moustache now hag 1.5 inches below my chin. Question; do I trim them back or do I braid them?

 Anomalism 9-9    2004-09-09 04:55:09 ET
Once again again sorry to be away so long but have great news. WE ARE IN THE HOUSE!!!! Wee Haaa! Three weeks now, tons of stuff going on,don't have phone line so I have to find a new local library. I am at work now so can't stay long but I promise much details and pics latter.

 Anomalism 7-14    2004-07-14 14:27:40 ET
Things seem to be going better, my attorney sent out a notice of somthing or other to the evil contractor and he must file against me to settle the liene thing in 30 days from yesterday or it will expire. My attorney hopes he does file hehe! Mrs Anomalous went to get the permits today and the septic guy starts this week. And to top it all off there is a gun show this weekend. so progress is in the end being made.

 Anomalism 6-26    2004-06-26 08:20:30 ET
Sorry to have been away for so long (too long for me) I only get access to web on saturdays between 12: and 5: and if we have to go down to the house (as last week) or to a gun show (the week before) which are 90 miles away now, I don't get a chance to post or comment.
Anyway we are not in the house yet. In many ways since we fired the first contractor we have had to start over. We are in the process of getting the permits that the previous contractor lied and said he pulled months ago. This is more complex a task after you have had work done without them (inspections and whatnot). Wtf! I said what not? Oops I've started to pick up expresions from other journals hmm. But we are making progress, very very slow progress. Today we will put the goose necks on some of the showers and measure the area of the windows.
In other news I bought a 1922 long Mauser at the gun show 2 weeks ago so now I have yet another very old rifle in yet another caliber to feed. I plan to test it out tomorrow while Mrs Anomalous is at a horse show. I'm going to try to shoot more accurate with my ironsight Mauser than my son with his scoped Mauser. We'll see.

 Anomalism 5-22    2004-05-22 11:30:55 ET
I havn't been around for 3 weeks cuz too much has been going on. It seems that KL calling me Sisyphus has turned out appropriate. We have fired our general contracter and barred him from the property. We found out he hasn't paid some of the subs even though he has been paid. The drywall contracter aproached us 2 weeks ago saturday and asked what was up with him ? He had not paid them for materials as his contract with them specified and said that they had pulled off the job and were thinking about taking the materials back to the lumber yard. At that point we had had enough, he has lied to us about the identities of the subs, lied about the subs wanting money up front(well people) and lied about the disposition of funds recieved (well people). He made it a part of his contract that he would pull all necessary permits, then told us that he did, and we found last week that according to the county he has not pulled any permits. When he got our letter stating that we were firing him he imediatly put a liene (sp) on the house and now thinks he can force us to pay the remainder of the contract. Our attorney (thanks KL for suggesting that we get one) says "Hah" Ohio law does not allow payment to be required regardless of contract for services that have not been rendered. Also he has by not pulling permits been in violation of his contract and ohio law since the beginning, what was it I said about adventures? this would be one of them.
On the brighter side, it is so beautiful at the house now, every thing is green and alive. Every time we go down there we explore a different road just to see the countryside so in spite of the negatives we are glad and blessed in this project, can't wait to live there.

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