Anomalism 3-9    2004-03-09 07:34:41 ET
Yesterday we went out to the house and checked the progress, still no walls. Things do seem to be moving though, the well people start tomorrow. We also took the opportunity to explore some of the caves in the back yard. These are not real caves in the Mamouth cave sense, but deep fissures in the rock shelf(20-40 feet deep)some of them hundreds of yards long and extending into the park. Some of the caves have roofs, other parts are open topped. there are branching fissures. It is SO! cool and to think I actually own some of them. We were walking along and Mrs Anomalous turned to me and said"this can't be real,this is realy ours, it has to be a dream".

 Anomalism 3-5    2004-03-05 06:47:27 ET
Hellow everyone,
Tune of the now= Tool, lots of Tool. After that maybe lots of Massive Attack.
I found a library in Jefferson OH where I can get on line. I've missed you all. We are officialy out of our old house and living in our realestate agents basement till the renovations are done. I hope this does not last too long, we have all 5 cats with us (oh boy). It has been a long time since I have been in a transition like this and it feels realy wierd and disconnected. We found out this week that we don't actualy have a septic system at the new house and will have to put one in,(this is not fun) So much for my fun money for the next 5 or 10 yrs.

 Another anomalism 2-21    2004-02-21 11:57:23 ET
The demolition crew(two Amish guys) has gotten all of the old plaster torn out and there is nothing but framed in walls left. Now I guess we can start putting the electrical and plumbing and ducting in. We ordered the showers, they will arrive monday. This whole thing is way the most complicated thing we have ever done. If you don't count raising two kids, but I tend to think of that as a different catagory all together.

 Anomalism 2-21    2004-02-21 11:42:42 ET
The big move is getting closer to the wire. I've spent most of the last two days packing my basement stuff. Today was fans and tools, yesterday was models and ammo. Seven years of accumulating stuff is agressively resisting being packed up. There is so freaking much stuff on that work bench and I haven't gotten to the power tools yet, Not that there's that many, it just doesn't look like that much till you have to box it all up. The real drag is that it all has to go into storage, it would be so much easier to just put it in the truck and then put it in the new house. I wouldn't have to be as organized about it. Yuo know stack some in the garage, some in the basement, but no it all has to fit into the storage cubicles. You see I have a 4 bedroom house with a full basement and a walk in attic and a 2 car garage, all well stocked with stuff and it all has to fit into 2 10'x20' units. This is going to be an adventure.

 Anomalism 2-15    2004-02-15 15:44:01 ET
Well we are getting ever closer to the big move. We will be losing DSL after the 23rd and moving on the 27th. Most of our stuff goes into storage for a month and we will be living in our realestate agents basement until the renovations are far enough along that we can move into the new house. We don't have a new phone # yet so we don't know if DSL is even available out there(man I hope it is), or cable. I may be stuck with dial up. I probably won't be able to post much if at all but don't worry I'm not leaving SK, you people mean too much to me. This is a very cool place and I'm glad to be a part of it, thank all of you!

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