Anomalism 2-9    2004-02-09 08:02:25 ET
The cat hair is back in the keyboard, it is white this time which means Liliputian did it. Our contractor is working on the house today. We maped out the electrical system last week and the demolition crew will be there weds to start tearing out the old walls. So things are moving as fast I guess as they can. We started looking into storage for our stuff but we still don't know what to do with 5 cats and a tank full of fish for 1 month, there is some anxiety there but we have 2.5 weeks yet for that to work out.

 Anomalism 2-4    2004-02-04 16:44:51 ET
We did it praise the Lord we finaly own it. We signed the papers monday, I met my contracter today and we mapped out the elec system, and the title is filed tomorrow and I get the keys. The new old house is realy happening and in only 45 days or so I get to live in it I think. Muhoohahh!!

 Anomalism 1- 31    2004-01-31 12:45:50 ET
Today I took my son and went to pick up the big iron claw foot bathtub and nifty 50s white metal enameled kitchen cabinet set we bought yesterday for the new house. We have a pair of vintage bathroom sinks picked out as well. Oddly it seems we will need 3 to 5 more before we're done and them of all things we will have to go antique toilet shopping (or maybe not, that sounds kinda wierd). You can tell we're not into modern at all around here. The kitchen will be nifty fifties, other parts of the house will be done in Deco or possibly nouveau or somwhere in between, Machine age comes to mind also. Its gonna be fun for sure.

 Anomalism 1- 30    2004-01-30 17:50:44 ET
Well we signed some of the papers today in preperation to close on the new house. Still there are complications, the title company has screwed us all royaly by thier incompitence. If they had not had thier heads up thier asses and we had closed on the date that they signed on for I could be living in the new house March 1. But now there is not time to do the 45 day renovation needed to make it habitable before my buyer takes posetion of my house on March 1. I don't know yet where we will live till it is finnished, I hope we can get our stuff in it at least.
In other news I got a new toy a couple of weeks ago I picked it up at a gun show, the design dates back to WWI. I've seen them in films like old Tarzan films and old war films. In Mummy II the messenger falcon was shot by one (bummer). I think I'm done collecting for a while. It is realy cool to hold a piece of history in your hand whether it is old militaria or old fans or any other antique. I wonder will anything we build today last as long?

 Anomalism 1-26    2004-01-26 07:46:00 ET
Its monday, its cold, we still havn't closed on our new house. We did drive out to see it last weds to remind our selve why we are going through this crap when we have a 2 story brick house that was built in 1912 and is restored and very beautiful and comfortable. Well! we came away thinking........"Mc way YES we want this place!" We pulled in the drive way, got out of the car and listened and the only thing we could hear was flowing water from the creek, a bird singing, and a distant airplane and thats all! This place is so beautiful its amazing. We needed to see it again to renforce our resolve because the seller's title co is so incompotent it's maddening. These people just can't be bothered to to do the job they were contracted to do which is to make the title transferable. Amazing isn't it.

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