Anomalism 12-17    2003-12-17 05:23:21 ET
The house I live in is sold, the house I want is not yet bought, this could be sticky. We have managed to arrange it so that the buyer will not close before we do (we think). I've just discovered that sitting cross legged in a swivel desk chair is very difficult for some one 6'1" and 210 lbs. We've gotten basicaly full price for our house, and the insurance problem on the " to be renovated house" is working out,(we can't buy without it). Our contractor found the well and septic tank,(we knew they had to be there somewhere), and is putting a quote together for the renovations so that we can get the whole thing livable by March. I must take pics of this one before we move, but I'll have to put them on disk because the hard drive is near full. Sunday was the birthday of my lady Anomalous, (born 23 months after me) so for a short while she is only 1 year younger than me. For her present I gave her a Soviet Tokarev pistol (she was complaining that her revolver is not as cool as the semi autos that I and our sons have been buying). She said it was a very good birthday ,we sold our house, she got a new gun, and Sadam was captured, weehah!
It is snowing again in Cleveland, and I have to get to work on a fan that I have sold to my realtor. I poloshed the blade and finnished the painting yesterday and now I must reassemble the finnished product.

 Anomalism 12-6.2    2003-12-06 05:19:32 ET
In other news we are still in the process of buying the dream house in the country. Because of the renovation factor we ahve a much more complex purchase process to go through added to the fact that we have to sell the house we live in now and get the renovating done and move in all at about the same time. My lady Anomalous has been handling all the details thus far because of the hours that I work. It isn't a fair arrangment because she works part time also, but its how things have worked out so far. It did snow big time here which could mean that winter layoff could start(this is a good thing)and I'll have more time for all this stuff. You see I'm a landscaper and we've been doing fall cleanups but once it snows we are pretty much done, and I can catch up on my hobbies and whatnot till spring thaw though this winter I will be playing with a realy big new toy called house, Moohoohah!

 Anomalism 12-6    2003-12-06 04:45:54 ET
Something about the smell of dryed leaves, Pin Oak leaves I think they are, that reminds me of hot tea with bourbon. Its been giving me a hankerin for some, hmmh? Its very odd some times the way unrelated aromas get processed in our brains and bring back memories and or desires. What are some of yours', What are some unrelated ideas that sights, sounds, or smells have brought to your mind?

 Anomalism 11-27    2003-11-27 04:45:21 ET
A happy ThanksGiving to all of SK. I have much to be thankful to God for this past year (very much) and that includes all of you, the ones I know and those I have yet to meet. A special thanks to the SK founders for making it all possible and for allowing me to be a part, thank you.

 Anomalism 11-21    2003-11-21 00:48:33 ET
We've had an offer in on a house in the country, our dream house in the country. It is a 4 bedroom 3 bath house built in 1870 and it has 5 wooded acres with cliffs and boulders. Well our offer was excepted (praise the Lord very much). Now for all the complicated stuff, the house is gutted so we have to have a huge lot o stuff done before we can move. It looks like I'm going to be learning how to do way more remodeling than I ever wanted to know. Moohooha adventures ahead. More details later.

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