Anomalism 10-6    2003-10-06 01:00:27 ET
Been meaning to write this down, it was something I saw on the trip to cinci. There was this pickup truck heading south toward Columbus and the driver was not making eye contact with any one who passed him. I think it was because he was full to the brim with dalmations, they were sitting upright and looking in all directions like they were having a cocktail party and they were all fiberglass. I guess Columbus is have a fiberglass dalmation shortage and this was a rush order. Imagine being the person who makes thier living making fiberglass dalmations. I have to ask though, what do you do with a fiberglass dalmation? where would you put one and why would you put it there? Its like when we went out to Chicago the other week and we saw a semi loaded with all of 2 fiberglass truck caps for pickups, they must have been desperately short and had to rush the first 2 they found to the truck cap starved people of Chicago. Ya see strange things on the highways ya know.

 Anomalism 10-2    2003-10-02 00:45:43 ET
We went down to Cinnci to see dad over the weekend cuz he's home from the hospital and feeling much better. He's got a new scar to add to his collection and he lost a lot of weight, but he's very thankfull to be alive. He was so happy to see everyone because he said he thought he was a gonner for a while there. We're very thankfull to God that he is alive and home, I know I'm not ready to lose my dad, I guess no one ever realy is though.

 Anomalism 9-27    2003-09-27 05:21:17 ET
I just got back from getting a wisdom tooth ground down for a cap, and the left side of my face feels like an inflated balloon. Kinda wierd, this will be crown # 5. Thank God for modern dentistry, I'd hate to be missing that many teeth at this age or actualy any age. If I had lots and lots o money I'd have my canines crowned with metalic caps. They wouldn't have to be long or anything, just having metal canines would be cool. Am I strange?

 Anomalism 9-26    2003-09-26 17:51:31 ET
I got to talk to dad last night, he's in a regular hospital room now and is back on solid food. They got the kumadin levels down and he sounds better, he should be home in a few days.

 Anomalism 9-24    2003-09-24 18:35:15 ET
I talked to mom tonight and she says dad is still in the critical care unit but he has been down graded to gaurded condition, so he's doing better. We'll prolly go down this weekend to see him.

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