Anomalism 8-28 more wierd shit    2003-08-28 18:39:15 ET
I'm sitting here eating Pot stickers and Perogies, two boilable foods I found in the freezer. Very tasty and very easy,but rather pale looking. Well I got the broken drive shaft truck back, now it has a hole in the oil pan. I swear its naver ending with this truck.
I had a minor problem with my primary mower but I was able to repair it tues. Yesterday I had to stop work and rush down to the clerk of courts to pay a traffic ticket(a day late), cost an extra $25 That sucks I could be buying bullets for my new toy with that money. It was my own fault though.
Today I was mowing along peacfully when from out of nowere a Bald Face hornet lands on my right shoulder. Now it takes both hands to operate this mower so I just can't let go to swat at this thing, and besides it didn't look like it was pissed. I was a little freaked for a second, but then I just watched start wandering around on me. I did get nervous when it headed over on to my back. It all ended well, Im not stung or anything(cool). Later a cicada landed no my other side briefly. Some how I must have looked very tree ish to bugs today(go figure).
In other news, I went back to the gun show(the cat hair is back on the keyboard ugh!) and took with me Zane who is a friend of my son who is in the navy. I was distracted from observing freaky people by all the guns and ammo, so I may have missed a few. I did buy some copper solvent from a guy that looked more like a Slim Wittman than a human being should be allowed to. There also was a sort of grey haired Ned Flanders guy there selling Russian sniper rifles, he turned out to be pretty cool cuz I like Russian guns. I had only meant to buy ammo for my CZ52 but I could not resist this one Argentine manufactured model 1911. It was in good shape(made in 1942) and the price was right. It is also possible that it was made with steel salvaged from the scuttled German pocket battleship Grahf Spee. So after the show Zane and I showed up at the pistol range with no less than 6 guns and fired 600 rounds in 2 hours, it was a very good day.

 Anomalism 8-24    2003-08-24 03:18:19 ET
I went to a gun show yesterday in Berea. I wore my urban camo and a Sponge bob t-shirt, today it will be urban camo and hippy tie die. These shows are basically big flea markets for guns and gun accesaries. I was primarily after some obscure ammo for my obscure gun. The entertainment value of these shows is high even if you aren't buying stuff. Any kind of firearm might be there from revolutionary war muzzle loaders to machine guns. So there is a lot of opportunity to learn history and stuff, but there are some pretty entertaining people there as well. One that comes to mind is this young guy who is at every show wearing grey camo with combat boots and a grey camo cut off shirt so we can see his manly skinny arms. He wears a mohawk hair cut and has an exspensive Glock pistol and combat knife on his belt. And he has his exspensive(spelling does'nt look right on that) Steyr rifle slung on his back and his Uzi sub machine gun hanging at his waist. Now if he was associated with a booth and was a walking advertisment, he would make sense. But he is just walking around posing in the hopes that some one will ask him about his toys. Today I will be on the look out for other odd types besides myself (since everyone is odd in they're own way) and report back later.

 Anomalism 8-19 wierd shit    2003-08-19 17:27:51 ET
I haven't posted in a while because, well mostly because I spend my time visiting other peoples blogs (you people are Mc way too fun). so here's some of the stuff what's been up. I got stung by a yellow jacket today, it was mildly painfull. I think bees are worse, proly wouldna happened if I wasn't standing on the nest.(go figure).
Work stuff= I got my regular work truck back,(Ididn't want it back) and apparently it was in a flood while it was away.(the first aid kit was still full of water) Seems to have been good for it as it runs good now but the starter failed the first day I used it. So I'm back in the alternative truck(yet again) and doin my route when my trailer (which is fresh from having a wheel bearing replaced) decides to grind up another wheel bearing, and guess what, it's the same wheel(what the ffff). So this time I take the wheel off, I mean what the hell I only need 3 wheels right!?and I finnish the route. While I'm Taking the wheel off I hear the sound of multple round engines(aircraft slang)And I look up and I can't beleave it a B17 bomber from WWII(4 engines and machine gun turrets)is flying over, and its real. Now there can't be more than maybe 2 of these things left in the world that can fly and I'm looking at one. Needless to say that was awsome. Anyway now I have a different trailer till they get that one back to 4 wheels. and I have "the old truck" back from starter sergury and I'm doin fine right? Well yesterday the drive shaft fails on my truck(it never ends with this truck). I'm happy to report NOTHING BROKE TODAY!!
On the positive side I spent the weekend visiting in Cincinnati. I spent Saturday night at a drunken party at my oldest friends place, and Sunday with my folks and my son (who is spending the summer down there). My son and I took 4 diferent hand guns and a shotgun to "Target World" and fired over 300 rounds. It was a loud and smokey good time, I haven't fired a shotgun in 30 years. It was a good weekend.
Also I posted some pics of some of my excess fans for sale. I will give 20% of the proceeds to Moxie to support SK. If interested pm me which one and I'll tell you all about it.

 Anomalism 8-6    2003-08-06 17:58:28 ET
I was up this morning at 5:00 as usual, and after I got everything ready for work I had a little time before I had to leave. So I parked myself in a comfi chair and turned one of my antique fans towards me on low and angled my head so that the air flowing past my ears made a kind of rumble and watched it slowly become light out side. It was very relaxing and peacfull, I must do it more often.

 Anomalism 7-31    2003-07-31 16:46:55 ET
I know its thurs day and I haven't posted about the foreman meeting on monday. See my SK time each evening is some what limited and it has been so much more fun to invade and coment on other people's threads. I've said it before but you people are too much fun (and you must be stoped).
The meeting was not as ugly as I thought it would be but it was enjoyable. The main boss didn't let his 2 subordinates come so that we would feel free to speak up about them , weehaa . It was only mildly brutal, I hammered them for not using preemergants(weed birth control) and for not following up on things, ie requests,repairs, info,etc. The sentiment was echoed round about. All in all it was a good thing, the two subord s will get a talking to and only one guy got fired and two suspendid(none of them were foremen).
In other news I'm up to 3-400 pushups a day(I found it real convenient to do sets of 50 in between jobs), both my boys are doing well at what they're doinn. My dad is getting a knee replaced in a month, which will be a new adventure for all. I need to sell some of my antique electric fans so I can support my other hobbies. I need more projectile weapons.

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