Anomalism 8-6
2003-08-06 17:58:28 ET

I was up this morning at 5:00 as usual, and after I got everything ready for work I had a little time before I had to leave. So I parked myself in a comfi chair and turned one of my antique fans towards me on low and angled my head so that the air flowing past my ears made a kind of rumble and watched it slowly become light out side. It was very relaxing and peacfull, I must do it more often.

2003-08-07 00:23:39 ET

It sounds lovely except for the 5a part.

2003-08-07 08:55:12 ET

I agree. except there are so many more hours in a day to do things if you're not sleeping till 2 or so or later. tough call.

2003-08-07 08:59:09 ET

Sounds great!

It's a pain for me to get up at 5 in the morning, and I just did that today! :D

2003-08-07 17:04:26 ET

I had hoped to do it again this morning but time would not allow, perhaps tomorrow.

2003-08-07 20:37:58 ET

i wish i had relaxing moments.. those dont happen much

2003-08-07 21:00:57 ET

I don't know if any of you can relate to this, but peaceful moments for me in recent memory have involved taking one of our snowmobiles a few hours into the woods, getting to the top of a mountain, and just sitting there with the motor off, just looking around and listening to the sound of nothing. no cars, people, radios or tvs.

2003-08-07 21:29:01 ET

I love sitting on a quiet beach.

2003-08-08 17:31:10 ET

whoa. when i visited my family in Tucson, AZ, we took a camping trip to Silver City, NM. we went to this land they own that is on a mountion and it the middle of a national forest. it was so quiet, the sky was clear and all the stars shone like silver specks in the sky. it was the best sleep i ever had.

2003-08-08 21:35:41 ET

damn, at 5 pm I am sometimes just going to bed, or have just fallen asleep :)

sounds like a lovely morning.

2003-08-17 06:09:43 ET

sounds nice

i dont know if ive actually watched a sunrise in ages

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