Anomalism 9-21    2003-09-21 17:44:45 ET
I got on more than an hour ago meaning to make an entry and have been surfing other journals til now. You people are too much fun.
Any way whats been hapnin here? right? A lot o stuff, I just got off the phone with my mom who is at the hospital with my dad. Dad had knee replacement surgery a week or so ago and it went real well and all and he was walking around and stuff no doing well. They had him on cumadin (sp) to keep him from getting any blood clots in his legs. Then and we don't know why he had a gall bladder attack and had to have surgery to take it out because it had died and they couldn't get the blood to clot to stop the bleeding from the surgery because of the cumadin. Also it metabolises slowly so they are having a hard time getting his blood to stabilize and its causing all kinds of complications. Mom says hes doing better now but he is still in the critical care unit. So things are looking better today (Praise the Lord).

 anomalism 9-18    2003-09-18 00:42:24 ET
So many cool people, so many entries, I hope I get some time this weekend to post and stuff.

 anomalism 9-13    2003-09-13 08:11:20 ET
Last weekend I went down to Cinci to pick up my younger son from the grans so that he would be with us when went to Chicago on 9-10 for my elder sons graduation from Navy Boot Camp. We drove 6 hrs to get there and arrived of course at rush hour(I think its always rush hour there).
The base is just north of the city so we had to take 94 through town. We found the hotel ok and were ready to go next morning. They had it set for 9:00 on 9-11. When we got there it was a lot like what you would see in films, the sentries directed us toward a parking lot at the far end of the base. As we are driving down the main street we are passing groups of other cadet types marching this way or that with instructors along side. It seems like every building has a torpedo on a pedestal in front of it. After we parked we walked to what seemed like the middle of the base to a big hall/ garage looking place where we directed to the section in front of where our sons division was going to be. It was neat when ever we had to cross a street there would be two crossing gaurds who would step out into the road and stand one facing traffic each way and hold up a hand to halt traffic until we were across(whether there was any or not). The cerimony was impressive, there was a navy band that played various anthems of which I recognised only one by name and two others that sounded familiar. Lots of marching and the flag of each state was introduced and some other stuff that I don't know how to describe. It was all very impressive and we took some pics and all but that was all secondary for me because I am the parent of one of those graduates and I'm focussed on him and the stuff that relates to him. Which is that there were 4 divisions graduating that day but only one was going to be a hall of fame division, and not every graduation has a hall of fame award. It is only given when a division exceeds all expectations in all the areas of qualifications. And guess who's son was in the group being so honored this day? I could not be more proud of my boy than I am right now, what a great day.

 Anomalism 8-30    2003-08-31 15:52:36 ET
I was at best buy getting some dvd s, I got a Zatoichi episode, 32 old Outer Limits,and The Two Towers. We had this gift card and when the Lady Anomalous pulled it off the cardboard there was this glue stuff which she smudged off and handed to me and said"here have a glue booger". So I took it and was stretching it out and looking at it and the texture reminded me of fruit roll ups. So I need to know if anyone elses brain made the same thing out of these two phrases, glue boogers, and fruit roll ups?
Let me know?

 Anomalism 8-28 more wierd shit    2003-08-28 18:39:15 ET
I'm sitting here eating Pot stickers and Perogies, two boilable foods I found in the freezer. Very tasty and very easy,but rather pale looking. Well I got the broken drive shaft truck back, now it has a hole in the oil pan. I swear its naver ending with this truck.
I had a minor problem with my primary mower but I was able to repair it tues. Yesterday I had to stop work and rush down to the clerk of courts to pay a traffic ticket(a day late), cost an extra $25 That sucks I could be buying bullets for my new toy with that money. It was my own fault though.
Today I was mowing along peacfully when from out of nowere a Bald Face hornet lands on my right shoulder. Now it takes both hands to operate this mower so I just can't let go to swat at this thing, and besides it didn't look like it was pissed. I was a little freaked for a second, but then I just watched start wandering around on me. I did get nervous when it headed over on to my back. It all ended well, Im not stung or anything(cool). Later a cicada landed no my other side briefly. Some how I must have looked very tree ish to bugs today(go figure).
In other news, I went back to the gun show(the cat hair is back on the keyboard ugh!) and took with me Zane who is a friend of my son who is in the navy. I was distracted from observing freaky people by all the guns and ammo, so I may have missed a few. I did buy some copper solvent from a guy that looked more like a Slim Wittman than a human being should be allowed to. There also was a sort of grey haired Ned Flanders guy there selling Russian sniper rifles, he turned out to be pretty cool cuz I like Russian guns. I had only meant to buy ammo for my CZ52 but I could not resist this one Argentine manufactured model 1911. It was in good shape(made in 1942) and the price was right. It is also possible that it was made with steel salvaged from the scuttled German pocket battleship Grahf Spee. So after the show Zane and I showed up at the pistol range with no less than 6 guns and fired 600 rounds in 2 hours, it was a very good day.

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