Anomalism 4-24    2004-04-24 08:08:28 ET
My wife and I went UP into the garrage this morning with the dog trimmer in hand, where she obliged me and cut my hair and trimmed my beard. This time I suggested that we dispense with the attachments and just buzz my head, she happily agreed and now I have no hair! This'll be fun. We will be meating some friends of ours at the house we don't live in to show them our adventure there, and then we are all off to see "the Passion". I have been a Christian now for 23 years and know the whole story well, it will be interesting to observe my reactions to this small componant of the most important (to me) story of all time.
Always remember! every day is an adventure of one sort or another.

 Anomalism 4-17    2004-04-17 10:47:39 ET
I guess it has been that long since I last posted. I have been obsessing lately about my house project thing I know. But you must understand, I am living in my realtors basment, all of my stuff is in storage and I drive 80 miles to get to work each day. So you can see how I have an abundance of time and reminders that I'm not living in the house that I bought. So today I'm not going to bitch ? but instead I'm going to say that I appreciate all of you people very much and miss being able to access the web everyday. I've had a lot of fun here and look forward to getting back to regular posts. A big thanks to the founders and maintainers of this realm.

 Anomalism 3-27    2004-03-27 10:57:38 ET
I discovered this neat little feature on the library lap top a minute ago. Its a mouse feature where I put my finger in this square and touch the pad and the curser moves. I must be realy behind cuz I had no idea.
On the home thing my account rep at my lending institution sat on the paperwork for my contractors draw request for a week (again). WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET THESE PEOPLE TO DO THIER JOBS ? Every delay the she causes my contractor is that much longer before I can live in my house. ARRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pissed off right now I am growling. (not a good sign) I think rather than twisting someone's head off I think I will start calling the causel person and her supervisor every day angrilly until I get some action.

 Anomalism 3-22    2004-03-22 08:14:48 ET
Whoa! I just looked at my buddy list and sis is gone. I find this disturbing, does anyone know whats up?

 Anomalism 3-19    2004-03-19 10:38:18 ET
Progress on the house is steady but not rapid. The plumbers, Chris and his partner Chris, both having thick but as yet unidentified foreign accents, are doing an eccelent job. I hope the well guy turned up and got started since weds when I was there last. The snow has shut down the job thing this week, have to get up at 4:30 monday get ready and drive 1 1/2 hours to work, this is not fun but I have to keep telling myself that it is after all only temporary. grrr! :(

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