Anomalism 1-15.05    2005-01-15 08:11:50 ET
Last night I finnished installing the wood burning stove I brought back from Cinci. Now all that remains is to build a fire and see if I did well or the house fills with smoke (wish me luck).
Tomorrow Severity and I go down to Cinci to start moving the parents to AZ so I will be gone for at least a week, possibly more. This will be an adventure I'm sure.

 Anomalism 1-14.05    2005-01-13 20:36:00 ET
I wonder what I should be thinking? Any thoughts?

 Anomalism 1-10.05    2005-01-10 15:35:40 ET
Today I am one more uber year untrustable. There is a popular magnum caliber that is my match (hehe) make my day.

 anomalism 1-5.05    2005-01-05 19:08:14 ET
Why does my computer log me off SK if I take more than 5 minutes to type an entry??

 Anomalism 1-4-.05    2005-01-04 10:14:33 ET
I built my first and second hearth on my two sided fire place yesterday, it turned out well. I am still working on insulating the attic which seems to be a big help with keeping fuel costs down, also I can go down and get the wood stove now that I have some thing to park it on. Ducting it in will be another challenge. This house has been full of firsts for us and I thank God orten for the handy/crafty, and problem solving talents that I have. Today I must go out and expand a small drainage ditch I built to divert the water from my cliff from getting into my basement and then since I will be in coveralls I should go up and spread some more insulation "what fun"
Also! I now have enough beard to braid (my wife did it for me the other night). Now that I see it I'm not sure that I will keep it(I promise pics before any action), if they would just hang straight down I would be happy.

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