Anomalism 10-22.5 Observations    2005-10-22 05:01:03 ET
Being a lawn mower man I am out side every day. So when the remnants of the last two hurricanes rolled up through OH, I got to experience them tactilly. It was not as uncomfortable as the normal type of rain we get here. It was windy but the air was comparitivly warm. The part that made me curious was the texture of the rain its self. It was like a driving mist which I know sounds kind wierd but thats what it felt like. The droplet size was very small, so that you didn't get the heavy wet slap from every drop that is the norm here. It was so fine that I could barely pick out individual impacts on my face. The normal here is huge cold drops that fall more down than sideways, and they make you shiver when they hit you. I wonder is it the wind velocity or maybe the altitude at which they form?
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 Anomalism 10-8.5    2005-10-08 15:48:52 ET
I and the lovely Mrs Anomalous picked up DrHexagon at the air port this morning. We get him for two weeks before he goes back to the ship. Its good to have him home again. I think he is taller than me now.
Also the hardwood floor for the down stairs has arrived, now I have to learn haw to install it. This will be an adventure.

 Anomalism 9-1.5    2005-09-01 17:26:20 ET
I know it's short notice but I will be in cincinnati over the week end if any body wants to have a meet

 Anomalism 8-28.5 Mostly unimportant    2005-08-28 15:36:59 ET
I had thought to make a clever entry today until I realised that I had nothing clever to say. I plugged a tire on both cars, got a lawnmower that I found on a treelawn running, put $50 toward my 44 mag and thuoght of another way to say puke (tuna pudding) and this is still a beautiful place to live. Thats pretty much my day, was yours a good one?

 Anomalism 7-31.5 Seven of how many?    2005-07-31 05:12:15 ET
It appears we have acquired yet another feline. This one is #7, my wife brought her home from work (like the last one), and she is a Manx tabby kitten with very long legs(in true Manx fashion), no tail at all. Her sillouette looks a bit like a jackrabbit to the point where I thought of calling her Jackalope. They were calling her Gabby at the office but I think she will be "Seven" although the phraze "of Nine" springs immedeately to mind with much foreboding. Having as I do a weakness for tabbies, where I wonder will it end?

In other news, the Hakim extractor claw arrived and has been installed. 8mm semiauto highly destructive fun was had and there was rejoycing.

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