"Faculty Follies"    2004-09-20 06:55:45 ET
so.. im in the lunch room, in the line that serves pizza..

i get up there and to my suprise, there is only pepperoni and supreme pizza, no plain cheese. i, along with several other students, are asking, where the cheese pizza is. their reply "you better be glad we serve you pizza anyway! dont be so picky and whiney you little brats!" (exact quote)

my response to that "i do not eat pork, i would like the plain cheese pizza!"

them "this isnt Pizza hut you get what you see, if you have a problem with it, dont eat it!"

needless to say i am left hungry today.. i had to go to the candy machine and eat a snickers for lunch because there wasnt enough time for me to get in a different lunch line..

whats wrong with this picture?

 addition.    2004-09-20 06:02:12 ET

School Nurse (Registered Nurse) - $47,000/yr

School Counselor - $51,000/yr

Preschool Teacher - $20,000/yr

High School Teacher - $46,000/yr

Massage Therapist - $42,000/yr

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