stupid school system    2004-09-07 05:44:21 ET
so, there is no power at my school today, that storm came through and took out the power.. suprising the computers just started working.. they wouldnt let us go home even though all the class rooms are almost pitch black. they were like just go through the day like normal.. since we cant do anything all we've done in my classes is sit there waiting for the bell to ring.. wasting our time. this is ridiculous. im thinking about just sneaking out to my car.. i got into an argument with this girl coz i said that we were stuck here coz of the stupid idiots who ride the busses and she was like "WHAT?! i aint no idiot foo!".. i quickly ended that conversation..

 NEW EMAIL YO!    2004-09-05 05:56:27 ET
My new email adress is Special Thanks to Nasum.

I added new pics to my gallery!

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