ugh    2004-08-26 05:33:48 ET
so im going to ask the manager lady at hottopic why ive been applying for 2 years but havent gotten the job. i dont see what im doing wrong if its coz i look too preppy, thats coz i had to change my look to prep when i started working at grocery stores. darnit, i need to get a job somewhere like hottopic i wanna dress how i want at work without getting in trouble and without having a uniform.. darn it.

 Bad Navy    2004-08-24 05:41:28 ET
so, the military has only destroyed my brothers life, he was the purest person i ever knew, 21 yrs old, didnt drink, do dugs, and had refrained from sex, and family always came first. i havent seen him since christmas, he has been stationed in italy. as of right now, he is drinking every single day, smoked a cigar, has a g/f, and decided that he doesnt want to come see his family for this christmas because he would rather stay in italy with his g/f. suddenly, all that was important to him, his morals and his family, are comming second to sex and alcohol. i called to tell him that our sister just gave birth to our first nephew yesterday, and he didnt even get excited coz he was drunk, and then he said he couldnt talk anyway coz his g/f was sleeping and he didnt wanna wake her up. he's thousands of miles away and only talks to me once a week, but god forbid he wake up his girl friend that he sees everyday. i understand how a first love can cloud your thoughts.. but must he be so thoughtless?. well, anyway..

August 23, 2004 - Jacob Micheal Hardt (my nephew) 6lbs 12oz, blonde hair, blue eyes.

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