byebye cars    2005-09-01 10:10:39 ET
yeah, we're running out of gas, but we have more slowly comming back into the state..

some gas stations have shut down.. several actually. while others are illegally shooting their prices up to 4, 5, even 6$ a gallon.

good ole walmart gas station $2.89 a gallon.

i think if the state is gonna run out of gas then frantically running to get one more tank of gas isnt gonna help.

i think most of the stations out of gas are out coz everyone freaked out and bought all the gas.

..quite envious of the people whose cars run off of cooking oil..

 PRICELESS!    2005-08-29 07:58:20 ET

that face is too cute to say no to. when i took this i was saying "don't chew on my keys!"

I'm not sure what i was trying to take a picture of here, but im pretty sure it wasnt suppossed to be me looking confused in the mirror!


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