i PooP on your Koran!!    2005-08-09 18:07:13 ET
my brother might definately be sent to cuba to guard the stupid POW freaks.

he's trying to tell them that everything on his body hurts so they think he's too sick to go, but it seems as tho the Navy has no heart.

his buddy in italy has been married to his wife for a year and half. during that time he has only seen his wife for 2 months. just a week ago she moved to italy to be with him, this week they told him that he is being sent to cuba too and his wife cant come, so once again they will be separated. for 18 months.

some situations make it seem like your problems dont really suck that much.

im glad i didnt join the military. thank you james for talking me out of it.. i wouldnt be here and have the ability to hug you everyday.

 stupid bearshare!!    2005-08-08 18:06:20 ET
man i downloaded the whole new System of a down CD, Mezmerize.

when i first listened to it, i thought this sucks! it doesnt even sound like them!!

then i heard one of the new songs on the radio, Question.

the version of "Question" on my computer wasnt the same song.. as i listened more i discovered the songs i downloaded arent even system of a down at all!

i hate that when you download songs you have to trust that the idiot you're downloading from named the file correctly!!


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