lessons of life    2004-11-24 12:04:26 ET
why not to stretch your ears 4 gauges over a 24 hr period:

painful? yes.. quite.

new pics in my galleries too.

     2004-11-23 10:30:23 ET
i just had to yell at my dad and explain to him that subkultures is not a page for witchcraft and serial killers.

he saw a pic i made for nasum and said that it was saying that i am into killing people coz of the blood. and if my grandmother saw it she would have a heart attack, and im like well, then tell her not to look at the picture, im not going to censor my page because it might offend one person.. and i dont see anything offensive about my page anyway.
honestly my page reminds me of gumdrops and lollipops.. not death.

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