Apple    2004-11-09 07:06:00 ET
i never liked Macs, but i gotta get one.. theyre starting to woo me with their wonderful colors and crisp images...

Soon to be mine.. once i get another job in May.
Power Mac G5

i cant wait!

     2004-11-08 05:33:00 ET
my teacher just told me that i cant go to this site because theres the ability to reply to peoples posts. when i asked him what was offensive or against school rules on the site, he had no answer. I asked him what i was doing that would make him ban me from a site, was i disrupting class? did he actually see me posting comments? was i looking at nudity?
all he said was "it doesnt matter if its against school rules, i dont like so dont ever go to it again." i continued to put up a fight because there were other kids actually going to sites that are against the rules.
but this is my Administrative Services teacher, he acts like a boss. on the first day of school, the first thing he said was:

"This classroom is not a democracy, its a dictatorship. and I am the dictator"

so after he "yelled" at me, my response was "at least this is my last year and i dont have to deal with you for too much longer" then i walked away..

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