2006-03-01 10:45:55 ET

i got part of my silkscreen stuff in the mail today and i was so excited. i walked away from the room for a second and came back to find this:

2006-03-01 10:53:25 ET

No box goes unbedded by my cat, either.
I love it that when you try to move them they give you that "WTF! EXCUSE me. I was laying here!" look.

2006-03-01 12:24:52 ET

soon everything we ware will be 100% origional or bootleged!

2006-03-01 17:49:16 ET

aww thats awesome! I love it when they do things spontaneously

2006-03-01 19:51:33 ET

i know, thats what i love about cats, its like they do something and then when you're like "ahh! get out of the food!" they're like "what? i thought this was for me"

and yes james, everything will now be our own work of art!

2006-03-01 20:37:25 ET

how kute

2006-03-02 12:05:01 ET

haha cats and packing peanuts are fun! my cats love boxes too, and my fat cat will try to squeeze into tiiiny little boxes. it's pretty amusing :)

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