Did it again    2004-03-31 07:48:55 ET
Shit, they did it to me again. Heh I can go to chill with my friends in the worst of moods. *Example* yesterday, I was fuckin pissed and was going to skip town. Well they took me out skating and got me uuber blazed cheered me up and had a party. Bastards! ruining my perfectly horrible mood... LOL I love those guys sometimes.
Welp time to go carve a box for my tarot cards.

 Have they spoken?    2004-03-30 09:03:02 ET
My tarot cards have given me a horrible reading. Much of the Major Arcana in their bad directions showed up. I wonder if it's time to lose hope yet? They have told me everything that I mostly suspected
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     2004-03-30 07:45:58 ET
It's a beautiful day out. I think I need to enjoy one last day

     2004-03-29 20:42:24 ET
Seriously someone kill me now. I can't fucking take this shit anymore.

 Interesting how things turn out    2004-03-29 19:45:28 ET
Whats worse, knowing you missed something you dreamed of, not acting upon it when you could have, or know that you could have had it and didn't act upon it?

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