Yet more dumbasses, just less violence    2004-04-05 08:38:15 ET
It's mine, It's pure
As decent as I can make myself inside
We all know only the strong survive

Yea I got done mudding yesterday. There was like 6 inches of the wetest mud in the world so my car is covered in about 3 inches of it! But anyways after I got done having my truck fun I needed to go get gas. As I was walking in to pay for my shit and a pack of ciggs some fuckin hick looks at me and turns to his friends and says "would you look at that crazy motherfucker." I know what caused him to say this, all because I was wearing chains, a choker, and finger nail polish, and all black but this is usual for me and it pissed me off. So I walked up and just stared at him. He starts getting really wierded out and keeps askin me what? I didn't actually plan on using my knife this time but I pulled it out to see what he would do. Well he fell short of pissing his pants. He got really scared and started stuttering going Whats that for? You don't actually plan on using that do you? I say nothing still whihc made him even more nervous. By this time hes getting a little red and I take a step forward. His only reaction was FUCK THIS and ran off.

I scare people apparently.

Also I talk to myself and this makes people very nervous. I don't like the conservative christian majority in this town.

 Ow it hurts    2004-04-04 19:35:19 ET
Okay my skateboard made me it's bitch today.
I'm sore as hell
enough said

 Busted knives, Busted head, and Beer    2004-04-04 08:31:50 ET
Yesterday was certainly an interesting day. I went 4byin after work. Stupid ass on a 4 wheeler dropped down in on me about 5 feet in front of me. Well needless to say I couldn't stop in time and I ended up running over the front of his atv. It totaly romped his ride but mine was all fine. So I get out to make sure HE's okay and right away he starts screaming at me that it's my fault and that I have to pay for it. About that time I said fuck it and started to walk off back to my car. The dipshit follows me back swearing at me the whole time and as I'm trying to get in my car the guy grabs my shoulder and trys to drag me outta my car. That was the last mistake he made, I was pissed beyond all belief and he was going to get it. I grabbed my still sheathed knife (I didn't wanna kill the bastard, just maim him) Swung around hit him in the head and busted the handle off my knife. THAT really pissed me off because that was my favorite knife so I decided a good kick in the ribs would suffice and it did, it made me feel better. I decided that was enough violence for the day and left him there on the ground... people really shouldn't fuck with me.

After that I headed down to the headshop to hang out with Shannon (possibly the coolest chick I've ever met here) don't worry Tino you are still the 1st coolest chick tho ;) Shannon and I hung out for about 2 hours and then she told me it was too bad I was still a youngin cuz she wanted to go out sometime. It was odd, I don't get hit on very often especially by a 26 year old hottie. =D that made me happy lol. She also told me she gets to help break in my next new pipe. No arguments here!

Headed off to the appartment and got absolutely sloshed. And once again my dumbass drinks until a half hour before I have to leave. So I got to drive home drunk again, I really should stop doing that I hear it's bad for my health. Then unconciousness happened. I'm sure I had wierd ass dreams but was just too drunk to remember.

End of my pointless post. I'm violent and I'm possibly a drunk, bite me.

 Apparently    2004-04-03 07:35:48 ET
First off I have now labeled God a bitch. He seems to get great satisfaction out of making life hell for me...

And girls suck. Okay heres the deal. I was out for a morning jog because I got up 3 hours too early. And I saw a group of Xcontry runners made up of nothing but girls. They were all spread out and there was one black and blue haired girl that I ran up to, to chat with. I finally asked what she was doing tonight and if she would be interested in going to a movie. Well wouldn't you fuckin know it, she giggles like a crazy bitch and runs off even faster. Seriously what the hell am I doing wrong? Am I really that ugly or something? Tell me please so I stop making a jackass outta myself!

     2004-04-02 19:16:42 ET
To hell with it all I hope I die in my sleep. And fuck God if he lets me live. I have a headache from hell and I'm getting horrendously sick. I'm gonna go curl up and wait to die now.... gah nah I'm just pissed and lonely and drunk and sick (I wasn't lying about that)
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