Again and again    2004-03-24 14:15:57 ET
I'm never going to get a break... My managers sent me home like 5 hours early today. I was doing line open and I got dizzy and my head started spinning. Well this usually happens before I get a manic or a schizo episode. Well this time it was a shizo episode and the next thing I knew I woke up on the bathroom floor with my managers looking at me goin Matt what the fuck just happened. All I could do was look at him and say I have no fucking clue and that HE should tell me cuz I fuckin blacked out. Well he told me I screamed and ran off into the bathroom. At first they thought I was being wierd and let me be. Only I was gone for 15 minutes and they got worried so they found me curled up in the fetal position whimpering on the bathroom floor. Great now everyone at work knows I'm insane. I need to go hide have a good night.

But my kitten is doing great she's sooooooo cute! I'll go play with her for awhile.

 Obviously... why didn't i see it?    2004-03-23 19:52:16 ET
My friend just pointed out to me where a lot of hot stoner chicks hang out, you know the type I wanna date. He just told me I work with 4 or 5 of them...

Okay great the first problem is solved now I just gotta work on my communication skills.........

Shit I think my family name is ending with me

 Fuck, well that still wont make up for it    2004-03-23 19:21:58 ET
Damn you gods of all sorts! Okay a friend is having surgery, this worries me immensely.

But I got a call from a friend saying he does have a black female kitten for me =D I can't wait I love cats

     2004-03-23 08:48:07 ET
Weekend went to shit...

 Never enough    2004-03-21 09:48:55 ET
Great my car is making wonderful breaking noises whenever I turn now... Amongst my friend dying, my car breaking, missing everychance I have for a relationship, and this damn business I'm goin to lose it. Nobody was meant to have this many problems at such a young age. Me and my friends have the worst luck in the world I'm sure of it. I need a vacation or just a trip, actually I know what I wanna do I just wanna give Tino a hug... =/

I'm still confused, a pint of everclear, a 5th of whisky, a 5th of vodka, and like 10 beers didn't make me pass out last night. And I'm a little fucker too only like 140 lbs where the fuck did it all go?

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