blood... is... boiling..
2005-04-11 17:44:57 ET

i am so angry! and oh my god i am so angry.

1) my brother got an in school suspension for not going to school.. and thats not kewl.. that only causes more problems with my dad and my grandmother.. and the worst thing is my dad hasn't done anything.. hasn't even grounded my brother.. so how the heck is he suppsoe to learn from his mistakes if he doesn't think he has made any?
then my dad told me to make sure my brother was getting ready for bed by 10 30.. and i mean showered and what not.. so my dad goes to bed and a few minutes later he says "rach you got weed?" .. obviously i don't. so i tell him that he has to get ready for bed and that he shouldn't be going out. that he is lucky he isn't grounded...

so am i the parent now?

2)evan said he would drop off part of my prom duty thing to my house by 10 at the latest so that i could finish it today then go to bed at a decent time.. has he? no.. its quarter to 11 and he just called to tell me he was going to drop it off.. so its another late night for me..

fuck i am mad.

2005-04-11 10:23:55 ET

so i decided to go to mcmaster.. i am excited and nervous because i have no money. and my brother is an idiot.. getting friggin suspended.. what the fuck,.

2005-04-07 18:15:03 ET

okay so i don't know whether or not to go to mcmaster or york.. i want to stufy at mac really bad!

but york is cheeper and closer to home.. grr this is hard

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