and for the first time...
2005-04-25 08:38:50 ET

love made sense.. everything was perfect.. and i could not want or need anything more..

i am so in love with him! Evan is absolutely incredible.. he allows me to feel things that i thoguht were impossible until now..

school is hectic but i'll tough through it..

i'm trying to evolve my style.. change it and make it so much spiffier than it already is.. change can be hard..


i hate when people turn their backs
2005-04-18 17:05:12 ET

well i understand that people move on and people change and people grow apart.. but it hurts.. and it makes me quite angry...

but in doing so i am only being a hypocrite.. oh well. ts not like i didn't try!

i am going to mcmaster going to be so far away! evan didn't get into sheridan which means i will be an hour and a half away from everyone that i know.. its kinda nerve racking...

school is stressing me out..

i think i am going to delete my account.

well i've got a story for you!
2005-04-17 04:06:36 ET

oh man.. so last night evan and i blazed.. and it was fun and then we picked up hailey and went to tim horton's... and we stood back so we could figure out what we wanted... we decided on 6 donuts and a chocolate milk.. when we walked up to the counter the guy and girl workign there said "oh so thats why you guys were standing so far back" (because they noticed that evan was allred eyed and what not.. and we smelled) and then the guy wsaid to us.. "its just him right?" and i said "yeah hes the only one" (which was quite untrue) and i just thought that was absolutely hilarious because he always looks insanely mangled when he is stoned and i look perfectly fine.. but i trip out a lot more than he does...

thats not the end of my eventful night. so at 12 he was driving me home, and we had to take his car which is old, and a standard.. now evan just got a temporary license on it, and he doesn't exactly know how to drive it perfectly, and he didn't know how to turn the lights on... so as we were driving from his house to mine, we were stopped by the police.. because the police officer was turning the corner and noticed evan didn't have his lights on.. so they asked for all the paperwork and asked if we had been drinking.. and made evan figure out how to turn the lights on.. oh man it was scary.... but i was laughing the whole way home afterwards (thankfully at this point we were quite sober) oh man,, good times..

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