Blast from the past
2005-01-11 14:26:48 ET

Dear Alix,

its my fault i know, i let you mess around with my emotions, and i dig myself this hole of emotion that is insatiable, especially because it was intended for you. i won't take it anymore. sadly it took me four years to realize that you only want me for one thing, and that you only toy with me rather than actually care about who i am. sorry but i wont take it anymore.. best of luck in the future



evan and i are doing oh so well. and i shall be loading apicture of myself on here sometime soooon. like in 5 mins.


2004-12-21 05:53:44 ET

the neatest shirts ive seen in a while

much love

happy holidays

forgot your address so this will have to do
2004-12-19 10:20:52 ET

i wish i could tell you what exactly it is that you make me feel. or tell you how much you mean to me. i know it hasn't been long. no not long at all.. but it's amazing. it's so much fun. it's everything i hoped i'd have one day. it's every romantic song, movie, commercial, and story all wrapped into one. and as of right now everything is making perfect sense. it feels like i can accomplish anything with you by my side. i think about you all the time. and i don't want that to stop. one day i promise to show you exactly how i feel. because you deserve all the happiness life can bring. and i want to be the one to bring it to you. you rawk my sawks off. so much. and i miss you. evan ****** pelan i absolutely adore you.

your thugged out babe



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