2005-03-12 04:32:07 ET

alix is moving to toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is so awesome! i can finally see him! i havent' seen him in 3 years! we dated 4 years ago.. long distance and that didn't work out.. but at least now we can be friends! cause he is such a neat friend! and a neat person.. its also kinda sad because he is leaving all his friends behind.. but it will be easier for his family.

i am going to prom dress swaping today i believe

its good stuff



head over heels
2005-03-10 17:34:38 ET

i woke up this morning with a dreadful cough.
i woke up yesterday morning with dreadful thoughts. and i feel so lost as to who i am as a person and my values in life. it is just not that great. i know my ultimate goals. but what is my stance on pot? and drugs?

pros: get high, good conversation maker, something to do with friends

cons: harms lungs, harms brain cells, feel icky afterwards, resin is dirty, its illegal, makes me hungry, red eyed, phlegm in da throat, paranoia...

okay so far the cons are more.. and i understand that.. but does that mean that i don't want to do it? or is it just that i understand that it is harmful?

and why does it get me angry? possibilities:

-nana's perceptions
-steve and ryan (both promised to not smoke it.. and they did) so maybe its a trust issue
-only really see examples of people who take it too far
-feel disappointed in myself for doing it and displace that onto others

any ideas?
*edit* on a good side i was accepted to the university of ontario institute of technology for the nursing program! pfft and the guidance counsellor said i wouldn't get an early acceptance!

2005-02-24 10:53:54 ET

i never realized how much trouble online journals get you in.. good lord.. they are journals that belong to people.. if you don't want to know what a person thinks DON'T READ THEIR JOUNRAL

i never realized how perfect evan and i are... so perfect.. my goodness..

im friggin cold..

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