2002-11-10 05:29:03 ET

i will save the world by filling out this quiz. Stolen from MyBrokenPromise. who stole it from PrettyAsPunk.

--[ SERIES 1 - YOU ]--
--Name //Rachaelle Myvanwy Mackie
--Nicknames//Rachiekins, ray-ray, rach, rachel***, ray-jay (my neices had trouble saying my name so they made up nicknames!)
--Birthday // December 14, 1987
--Birthplace // The 'shwa (Oshawa), Ontario
--Current Location // Pickering, Ontario
--Eye Color //brown
--Hair Color /dark brown (mmm love)
--Righty or Lefty //amadextious! (sp??)
--Zodiac Sign // Sagittarius
--Innie or Outtie // Innie :D
--Religion //Atheist although i do enjoy learning about other religions.
--Font //Sniff although i have still yet to figure out how to change it on here... (i've got an imac)

--Music //Punk, Ska, Skacore, Punkcore, Opera Black Metal, Death metal, some NuMetal, techno, industrial, oldsk00l pop. i love music!
--Cartoon //inspector gadget
--Color //red or red
--Slushy Flavor //yux! creamsoda!
--TV Show //Juste pour rire! (just for laughs)
--Song //Right now: Lovers in a dangerous time... but i have many many more..
All time favourite song: Dust to dust - Misfits
--Language // English.. but i much prefer francais!
--Spice Girl // Ginger rawks my world
--Food & Beverage // Tacoes/Fahjitas and Orange Juice
--Subject in School // Civics and English, Science.History.I love school
--Weekend Activity // visiting downtown toronto or hanging out with Graham <3
--Ice Cream Flavor // vanilla
--Roller Coaster //The bat at Canada's paramount wonderland

--[ SERIES 3 - WHAT IS ]--
--Your most overused phrase on aol //lol
--The first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning //where am i? i <3 Graham
--The last image/thought you go to sleep with //why am i not sleeping? <3 graham
--The first feature you notice in the opposite sex //eyes. i love blue eyes
--The Best Name for a Butler //Arthur or Gunther (those names remind me of the pink panther for some reason)
--The wussiest sport // volleyball..
--Your best feature // hands! ta-da!
--Your bedtime // I don't have one. i go when I am sleepy
--Your greatest fear // ending up like my mother, and falling to hatred
--Your greatest accomplishment // taking the first jump off of the pier when all the boys were scared to!
--Your most missed memory //having my little sister with me

--[ SERIES 4 - YOU PREFER? ]--
--Pepsi or coke // Pepsi..
--McDonald's or Burger King // Yux!
--Single or group dates // both! group dates are great but singles are intimate (not just in a sexual way you naughty person!)
--Adidas or nike // child labour! *eyes begin to leak*
--Chicken nuggets or chicken fingers // chicken fingers have my love
--Dogs or cats //woof! puppies for me. ESPECIALLY GREAT DANES!
--Rugrats or Doug // Rugrats <3
--Single or taken // taken to my love *GMI* (a.k.a. Wiggles13)
--Monica or Brandy // Brandy
--Tupac or Jay-Z //Tupac
--Shania Twain or LeAnn Rhymes // Shania is much better I say.
--AeroSmith or Red Hot Chilli Peppers //Red Hot Chilli Peppers!!
--Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea // Nestea
--Chocolate or vanilla //vanilla
--Hot chocolate or hot cocoa // there's a difference? hot cocoa
--Cappucino or coffee // Cappucino mmmm
--Drinks with or without ice cubes //depends on the drink
--Boxers or briefs // i wear neither..
--Give or receive // Whoa... dirty thoughts be gone! or stay a bit... ;)

--[ SERIES 5 - DO YOU ]--
--Take a shower everyday? //i must i must
--Have a(any) crush(es)? // Graham Love.
--Want to go to college? // Yes! or university!
--Like high school? //i love!
--Want to get married // hmm eternity with ONE person.. i guess so! marriage shouldn't be broken i believe
--Type with your fingers on the right keys? // i'm a good girlie
--Believe in yourself? // more than not
--Have any tattoos/where? // getting one soon!
--Have any piercings/where? // my earlobes. and soon to be my back
--Get motion sickness? //Nope
--Think you're a health freak? //yes i am criminal for it
--Get along with your parents? // i try..


"that's bloody brilliant!"
2002-11-06 14:14:22 ET

perhaps i should get going on my homework. i just don't want to.. who REALLY needs to know about what women did in world war I? obviously it is important. SUCK MY KISS (<--- bad rip off of red hot chili peppers) here is my incentive: talk to graham<BR>

life is so beautiful

2002-11-05 17:20:50 ET

what does the symbol mean? (the one that is a circle with an x through it)

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