2002-11-15 11:46:56 ET

rachel is a dork
rachel is 1 day old
rachel is unhappy
rachel is recommended
rachel is out tonight
rachel is a 3 year old jennet that was bought as part of our
rachel is weeping
rachel is my sister
rachel is 30 today
rachel is an intelligent
rachel is sitting in the living room
rachel is a
rachel is my friend
rachel is finally back
rachel is my heroine
rachel is a lesbian sex goddess
rachel is born
rachel is just a scatter of mobile homes and there is nothing much to see or do here
rachel is the "twin peaks" of the desert
rachel is a journalist and commentator from vancouver
rachel is late previous
rachel is late joey
rachel is touched by brave girl's plight
rachel is the post
rachel is late when rachel's pregnancy goes beyond her projected delivery date
rachel is at a turning point in discovering
rachel is dull
rachel is still weeping
rachel is still weeping ~
rachel is late written by
rachel is" at google
rachel is a 3 year old jennet that was bought as part of our donkey purchase program
rachel is weeping for her children
rachel is worth watching
rachel is my sister sheril's daughter
rachel is late nbc synopsis
rachel is the best
rachel is coming out of the bathroom after a shower wearing only her bath robe
rachel is not a female
rachel is a rachel says "damnit doug
rachel is at your service
rachel is"
rachel is programme co
rachel is put into several foster homes
rachel is mean to liberals rachel makes me sad and mad rachel is stupid too much harsh language other
rachel is late celui qui allait a la premiere
rachel is in love with
rachel is on the "extraterrestrial highway" and located 40 miles west of the junction of sr 318 and us 93 in western lincoln county
rachel is late
rachel is preaching and serving as liturgist
rachel is here to prove it
rachel is a christian
rachel is a foster mother to a young girl
rachel is found in genesis chapters 29
rachel is more prettier than her rachel looks more natural than that sucks britney britney also always wear a sucks
rachel is named for the old testament figure who wept inconsolably over the loss of her child
rachel is a little girl who lives in preston
rachel is a ?friend? of my mother?s
rachel is a means of receiving the healing grace of god
rachel is a native californian
rachel is exceptional at creating superior learning environments
rachel is well
rachel is not likely to recover any function of her vocal cords
rachel is changing her diet and activity routine
rachel is put in foster care because her mother tries to "get the devil out of her" and ends up in a mental institution
rachel is a 22
rachel is pretty much a loner
rachel is a very happy
rachel is hork bajir valley
rachel is a sensitive
rachel is working with her advisor
rachel is now 14 months old
rachel is a sweet mare
rachel is home to over 400 adults and children of all ages
rachel is undergoing hectic training to acclimatize her with the harsh conditions of the north pole
rachel is pinup
rachel is a full
rachel is expected to set an exemplary role for her five siblings and for the community
rachel is handcuffed
rachel is on the varsity shot put and discus teams
rachel is undecided
rachel is always giving 110% in all fundraising efforts
rachel is
rachel is a sixteen
rachel is originally from illinois
rachel is a very cool person

//music: The Velvet Underground "stephanie says"

would you love for me?
2002-11-13 15:50:17 ET

hey there! floopa man! i am grounded! i call home to say i will be late ----- grounded.. don't call home ---grounded... bwah!
tayler sent me her pictures (she's my little sister who lives in texas and i miss her so much (i live in canada, eh?)) today just keeps getting better i am so happy, my hair is awesome. i am great! how are you? i would really like to go campin right now.. it would be so great. such a beautiful day! no deep thoughts now. just trying o get my homework done! i hope everyone on SK is doing well! if not please contact me!!

2002-11-11 16:56:27 ET

so here i am
in a life of money and greed
i feel as if i am soaring
above the trees in the sky
i love this feeling
but soon i shall die
with the blood rushing out faster
here it ends
never again shall i feel
the pain of the palm against my cheek

i think life is beautiful

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