Fear Not For I Returneth From The Ashes
2003-08-01 23:54:29 ET

Well I am back and better than ever... to all those that missed me I say "I am sorry" and to all those that didn't I say "I am sorry" also because I am back. A tough summer of working and schooling and getting dumped by girls has taken it's toll. I just got done with a night of driving around with my buddy Brian after seeing American Wedding... which I liked very much and highly recommend. I like how it pulls in a lot of emotion along with a lot of laughs... just high quality all around. Well I just realized it's 4 am and I need some sleep.

Hello and Goodbye and I shall return sometime soon.

2003-08-01 23:59:25 ET

and to think, i deleted you from my buddy list in your absence.

2003-08-02 00:17:49 ET

holy snotbuckets, you updated!

missed ya man!

2003-08-02 05:28:58 ET

hi, dipshit

2003-08-02 07:03:42 ET

i wanna see that movie. :P

2003-08-02 09:32:04 ET

holy fuck your back, um welcome back ??

2003-08-04 12:19:08 ET

hello to you all too... i have updated kind of... i guess... maybe so.... nice to hear from you all... i'm glad someone missed me a little... i will have to update some of my gallery and write some about what has happened to me in the last couple of months but i have work soon... so maybe i will do some tinkering tonight on the page.

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