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2008-04-22 18:58:56 ET

Yayy, my Subcultures account is born! I can't say I liked the "Explain Why You Are an Interesting Person in a Couple of Paragraphs" application box, though. Anyway, I found this site through my boyfriend/malecompanion, SuhleapDevil (don't worry, he's not as boring as he seems; though I suppose it doesn't matter how interesting he is outside that if that's all you hear of him). This will mostly be a version of my LiveJournal and MySpace, for the edification of my boy and whoever else considers it so.

Speaking of subcultures...
I guess I should say all this now. I identify most with the goth subculture. I definitely don't consider myself part of it, or part of any culture for that matter (like I said to "Moxie" and "Vasa"). But I love and sympathize with its aesthetics, which is probably its most important aspect. Its fashion, of course. And I have, more or less, or relate to, the "gothic mentality" or "personality characteristics": that is, the aestheticism, the love and melting eye for beauty, finding beauty in dark things, a kind of romanticism; the individualism; the intellectualism; the sensitivity. But I think it's still, above all, a delicious taste. And I'm also kind of disappointed in the subculture, simultaneous with my admiration for it, which is also something I can't really help. I still don't really know what goth is or what goths are or why I should like them better than other people. I think they can be mean and insular in a way, like members of any subculture. I just like...truly interesting individuals. I guess I kind of expect goths to be ideal in a way: tasteful, interesting, highly individual and intelligent, emotional, passionate, creative, beautifully dressed, serious, introverted, melancholy, warm and cold, witty, eloquent, contemplative, insightful, deep, kind of dark people - and kind of distant and unattainable in a way because of their "edginess" - which is probably the only common thing they are. But I know this about them: "Being goth" doesn't necessarily make their personalities better than "normal" people's; they can be stupid and small-minded, they sound cheerful like normal people, they pretty much talk and think like them, they do all the things normal people do, they dance and drink, except they, you know, go to clubs where they can show off their gothiness to each other, they have and love and are excited about their children (baby bats), they probably even go to the bathroom and are most of them really conformists when they think they aren't. But it still appeals to me. My kind of sad cousin whom I love and am slightly ashamed of.

2008-04-22 19:43:02 ET


I'll attempt to make my journal more Interesting for you

2008-04-22 20:00:53 ET

Thanks, my boy.

2008-04-22 20:52:11 ET


2008-04-22 21:53:24 ET

What is this "goth" thing? O_o

2008-04-22 22:11:45 ET

sk is eons better than myspace or livejournal. welcome, you'll find it's like crack except arguably healthier. also, upon moving to seattle from los angeles, i must put in my 2 cents that is much of the goths here in vaster majorities suck a lot more than they do in other places i've lived, which is unfortunate. theres still some cool ones here, though. also the 'tell us about yourself' bit of applying for sk is great for keeping random trolls and spamtards from joining.

anyway, welcome ^_^ i think i've met you once briefly but i'm not positive.

2008-04-22 22:21:33 ET

welcome to SK

2008-04-23 06:16:47 ET

Welcome to SK. *waits for gage*

2008-04-23 08:37:05 ET

1) it's subKultures, with a K... because spelling things with a K instead of a C is kore as fukk... zeriouzly.

2) welcome to SK

2008-04-23 09:27:12 ET

Thanks, random Subcultures people!

And TurboSkanker, yeah, you're Lars, right? I think I saw you once in a Thai restaurant in Capitol Hill when I was with Nick. Sorry about your being mugged. That sucks. [sad smiley face]

2008-04-23 09:58:17 ET

welcome to SK

2008-04-23 12:50:41 ET


2008-04-24 06:50:00 ET

*hops on the welcome train*
Welcome! Now everyone give me yer wallets and no one gets hurt!

2008-04-24 19:25:46 ET

Hi! Where are you from? tell me all about it.

2008-04-26 10:25:36 ET

Welcome. :)

2008-04-28 19:17:37 ET

hi Lisa! it's carina! you know me, i swear. you've slept at my house.
welcome to SK, i don't use this much but i'll read yours!

2008-04-29 19:54:35 ET

Haha, I do know you. I've slept at your house (apartment?) many times.

2008-06-15 21:41:14 ET

Welcome to SK

*touches you*

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