Oh so
2007-10-31 03:03:01 ET


Its halloween bitches..
I get to go to work YAY.. :(

oh yes
2007-10-22 04:55:37 ET

It’s my Fucking birthday.. I got to go to work.
Eh.. I guess today will be a good day any way..

I really feel indifferent about being another year older.. Yesterday I felt anxious, but now it is here and I am just all eh.. That is life..

24... mid-20s.. eh.. it could be worse.. I am happy, health (for the most part) and just at ease with my life..

It is nice.

Well now
2007-10-06 20:48:39 ET

Well now I am finally done with school... YAY for me!! Well done for now. I plan on going back to get my BA in history, so yeah...
But, Thursday was my last day; I start my externship on Monday. Which is at my job so I get paid for it oh yeah.
I have been moving forward at a much faster pace than I have ever done before.
It is really crazy you know... I love that I can do pretty much anything I set my mind to, it is a new realization for me... well relatively new anyway, for the last year or so..
My life has been crazy and shitty, and exciting followed by more shit and then goodness as of late. But it is doing much better now.
Everything is nuts really... but it is a good crazy...

Ok... I bid you all a good night for now.

2007-09-10 04:52:48 ET

I am off to work.. I really do not want to be..
I would rather stay home today. I am in need of vacation.. yes yes I am..

2007-07-15 19:55:01 ET

I have become increasingly cynical as of late, its reverting back to old habits I guess.
But at least this time I know I am a cynic. So much shit has happened as of late at it makes me hate the world. Our government (for those Americans) is a lying dictatorship, and I am not saying Bush is the dictator. It is all of it, the Senate, congress, and pretty much all politicians in general. I fear the worst for the upcoming elections in 2008, I do not hold out much hope for any of the candidates.
I will still go to the polls as any citizen able to vote should. I will keep my eyes on the elections and I may still be undecided when I head down to vote.


2007-07-07 13:30:11 ET

Its saturday.
its almost over..
I want to go out but its fucking hot and humid outside..
blah to heat..
why cant it rain some more.. yeah.. well it is supposed to tonight.
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2007-07-02 20:23:20 ET

I HAVE IT ON VIDEO rikki bitching about the GRILL
it is funny
excuse my sisters slightly inebriated camera skills

Rikki's Rant

so they say its her birthday
2007-06-29 04:33:34 ET

Go wish my sister a happy 21st birthday dammit.


she is awesome

2007-06-02 20:48:36 ET

I havnt written on here in like well almost two months..

I am now a perminent Employee of El Rio Health center.. FUCK YEAH..
I am still in school, and will be graduating in november, but I start my Externship in september.

Soo.. what have you all been up to.

ps.. sorry for the typos and spelling/grammer errors.. I am tired and to lazy to copy and paste in to word and correct it.
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Fuckinghell ouch
2007-03-17 17:51:47 ET

I hurt so badly. I had the surgery yesterday. I was at the hospital by 5:30am and didn’t leave till 3:30pm. The surgery took an hour and a half longer then it was supposed to. My gallbladder was inflamed a lot I guess. So he had to make the main incision larger, so I have four cuts but one is about an inch or so long.
And dear lord if I didn't have pain meds I think I would fucking die. Lol.. But eh.. Life and all that jazz will go on.

but all and all I am glad its over, now it will get better and no more gall attacks or what ever..

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