2005-12-04 18:28:59 ET

desine again.
I am just bored with it too easy these days.
I miss being on here like I used to be.
But I know I cant, too much to do and not enough time to do it.

2005-12-03 19:08:06 ET

Next Saturday (12/10/2005) I have to go to my "Adult Responsibility class", its a one time thing, but its 7 and 1/2 hours. The whole thing is going to be interesting, it goddamned well better be I know Its required but it still cost me $180 bah..

But I will live..

Oh and I took some new pictures.

Eeegad and BAH
2005-11-27 11:17:57 ET

being unemployed before christmas sucks. Now I have to dip in to my savings to buy presents. I know I know I dont have to buy anything for any one but I love to give so I will do it any way.

Um.. So I have only seven people to buy for.. and one doesnt even live here and I need to get her new address so I can send it to her.

WHY did I have to loose my job bah.

What a shitty month
2005-11-03 15:07:39 ET

Well this month is turning out to be the worst.
First, My insurance denies my surgery,
Then I get in wicked badness if you ask I will tell you, but I cant go to Dillards again. last night and today I lost my job.
Oh any my car is falling apart.

If some one dies I swear I am going on a shooting rampage.

2005-10-31 16:21:00 ET


Hope yours was great

2005-10-22 09:41:55 ET


Im 22

2005-10-17 19:17:46 ET

I feel guilty I should have gone to work today, but my mouth still hurt after the Dentist. So I just stayed home, plus the whole dizzy thing, I mean I fell over at work on friday, it was pretty funny though.

Tomorrow I am going to work no matter what, and I bought Muffins for everyone at work.
I know I know hardly makes up for Absenteeism or Malingering (which ever you prefer) but you know what it is all I can do.

3 day weekend
2005-10-10 08:07:30 ET

its already gone too fast, but I dont have to work today YAY.
State jobs are good....

2005-10-03 18:49:14 ET

I'm starting to feel old.
I want to be 17 again, well maybe not.
But if I know what I know now then yes it would be cool.

Too close to my 22 birthday, I am not ready, too close to perminate adult hood for myliking.

2005-09-27 19:09:55 ET

I love my job.
but I dont know why I still feel this way, its getting better. I am glad. Stayed home from work today, flu. BAH to vomit.
I need a nap again, but since its nine i think I will go to bed.

I am 84% Ska.
Pick it up, I skank! I am one full-fledged crazy Rudie, I am going to go celebrate my victory with some skankin'!

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