one last thought...
2003-10-08 21:35:24 ET

What are you thinking you novice?

Don't you know that when you walked through the garden
it was the rose on the bush that grabbed your attention?

Your a fool to have plucked it from the bush.

Your a bigger fool for trying to strip the stem of thorns.

She needed her thorns, and now the flower is dead.

2003-10-08 20:46:34 ET

I've had him a month and a half. Its time for him to see his Mom. Saturday I go to AZ to see her. I hate to admit it, but I am worried about her right now. He should help her out. She needs some love.
I will miss him tremendously! GOD things get ub3r quiet when he is gone. Too fuckin quiet. I always try to avoid it, but I usually get a little self destructive after he leaves. I gotta stay occupied.

must party vegas punk style with syntheticdream saturday night...

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