Monday is spent....
2003-05-12 20:56:29 ET

My day of glutony and excess is over. My son is clean and sleeping. My eyes hurt from this ghetto ass monitor. And Monster Garage is coming on.. so

Goodnight all

2003-05-12 14:37:02 ET

I wish I was in the position to stay home with my son everyday...

Note to self #6546478- Need to be independantly wealthy.

Anyway I didn't make any money today, but I spent $800 on my Toyota. I am building the motor in the link below. They want $4,000 for it, but I am building it myself for $1,200. I can't wait till I am done. Its so nice to finally be able to get my shit together.

Oh and I went and ate In&Out burger with my son. I had all the old people glaring at me. I hope it was cause my son and I are cute, but its probably cause I have a kid and I look like a freak... fuckem. Soon we will take over! I need to go fence jumping. hmmm

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