I am sooooooooooooo playin hookie...
2003-05-12 05:13:57 ET

I am boycotting this Monday. I am such a jerk, I called in to my work and used my son as an excuse not to be able to make it in. Monday's suck.
Oh well. I need to order a bunch of things today for my engine rebuild thing I got going anyway. Here is my son on Saturday... I am so damn happy to have him:)

2003-05-11 08:45:18 ET

OMG, I left my digital camera somewhere...... I am an idiot. Must go back and repeat yesterdays bs... I hope I find it.
I think I have attention def............. what was I talking about? Anyway, I do have my son, and I have not misplaced him so, I got that going for me. Oh and I am currently spending piles of money on my old school toyota 4runner (which I also have not lost...yet). I should be able to have it registered by next week:) Someone gave me a VW Bug last week... I need to go and pick it up still. I think I will fix it up and sell it, Bugs sell crazy fast here.

I am gonna go find my fuckin camera...

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