OMG, the coolest thing just happened to me...
2003-05-05 19:45:48 ET

Most of you don't know this, but my Dad died last Aug. He was the coolest person I ever knew. He was my best friend and my hero. Anyway today I am screwing around on this computer. My Father and I shared this computer when I was living with him. Him and I had this stupid little underlying competition of who could get the highest score on the dumb pinball game that comes with windowXP/ME blah,blah,blah. SO today (out of enormous bordom) I open up the pinball game and start playing. Well I am kicking this games ass! I had it up to like four million (which I considered pretty respectable) and I finaly lost all my pinballs and the game was over. I KNEW I HAD PLACED #1 and I'm waiting to put my name in the high scores, and it never happened. It was just finished. I was like "what?!?" So I opened up the top scores and there is written out a message to me from my dad in the space where you would put your name. My dad had the TopScore with 13 million and on all the name spots is him saying "Neener neener neener you will never beat me Russ".

It took five lines on the top score list to write that out to me. That sneaky little mother fucker got the best of me, AND he got the last word. I recieved a message from my deceased father 9 months after his death, and he was bieng a smart ass.

I miss him and love him greatly, he is the model of the Dad I hope I am. What a stupid little miracle!

Life is sooooo worth living. I am sooo happy to experience a stupid thing like that. It truly is the small things that count.


2003-05-03 18:12:16 ET

Things are going pretty dizamn good lately. ~knocks on desk~
I get my son back in a week!:)
I got to see SiS again! (her lil sissy is so funny)
I have been working stupid long hours, but my pay shows it!:) I am looking forward to getting in a house soon.
I just got done skating, had a great time! GOD I love weekends...
I hope everyone is well and happy, if not... get that way damnit!


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