subtle reminders
2003-04-19 08:35:11 ET

I used to find your fucking hair all over everthing in my world. It almost got annoying. I would have it on my clothes, I would see it all over my car. It would end up in the most strangest places at the most crazy times.
Sometimes I would pull a strand off me and think of how much you were woven into my life. Sometimes I would be dealing with somthing horribly stressful and there a strand would catch my eye and all would be better.
I remember traveling far away from you, unpacking my bags and there would be lots of little reminders of you there. OMG your fucking hair is on everything.
Now a long time has passed. Your hair hung around a while. I would still see it here or there. I had different thoughts though when I would come across it. Now little by little it has all gone, I can't see it on my clothes anymore, I don't see it in the bathroom. There is not one strand in my car anymore. I have found myself looking for it, but its all gone. Fucking hair...


I knocked myself out tonight...
2003-04-17 19:34:21 ET

Yep, fell down some stairs backwards on my skates, well on my head really... I was trying to do an allioop (to spin 180 degrees to land on somthing) misou (to land with your lead foot planted parralel on the rail with the trailing foot pointed perpindicular down the hand rail, I missed. I was out for over 3 minutes...:) Woke up to see stars, pretty trippy.
Note to self #42,677: Self (well cause self is what I call myself) Quit landing on your head.
Im so glad its almost Friday:)! Must get R and R! Maybe go sing... I don't know yet.
I hope there is a definitive future for SK soon. It would be a drag if it bails.
I hope you all are doing well, and I hope to keep meeting people on here for a long while to come.


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