L.A. FTW!    2006-09-09 08:02:30 ET
my friend lindsey and I bought our plane tickets yesterday....we are just so awesome. and l.a. will be that much more awesome with us in it. har har.

 money sucks    2006-08-22 09:23:41 ET
why can't I just trade teeth, hair, and various trinkets to pay my bills instead of having to earn money? geez....
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 um...hi!    2006-03-21 10:15:53 ET
ok Lars, since you are the only that reads this, here is your updated entry. I just ate at Donkey's... it's a little hole in the wall mexican restraunt here. But it was excellent. I'm gonna have gas though...and I'll probably need to poop soon.
Anyway, I'm getting my black belt in August...yeah I'm pretty excited about that. It's gonna be awesome to actually be done with all the 'earning' your place crap. Although, there are 7 levels of black belts....so I guess it's never over.
I need a boy.

 la la la.....    2005-10-27 07:18:50 ET
I love psychology. I think I want to get into Mental Health Nursing...eventually. I love everything about every single psych class I've taken.
I cut a lot of my hair off.... it's weird..but I'm starting to get used to it...there's a new picture in my album...
That's about it...nothing too exciting happens to me.

 6 down, 8 to go!    2005-10-11 19:19:25 ET
I changed my goal to 30 pounds instead of 14 though... so I guess technically I've got 24 to go.
This is easier than I thought it would be. I don't think I ever really thought about all the JUNK I was putting in my mouth. Did y'all know that there's over 300 calories in a slice of a large pizza from Papa John's???? Did you know that there's 380 calories in a bean burrito from taco bell?? It's making me sick thinking about all the crap I put in my body.
I dragged my brother to see Sgt Gilderson today... that went well. That guy is pretty darn cool.

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