Spencer    2005-09-06 13:11:28 ET
I found Spencer over 14 years ago in an ad that stated he was outgrowing his owner's apartment. Me and my 7 brothers and sisters piled in our 15 passenger van with our parents and went to pick him up.
He barked at strangers and cars that drove up to our house. He never jumped on anyone. He was obedient, and in his old age he was scared of thunder.
Someone who didn't have the decency to slow their truck or even swerve took my dog from me yesterday. They didn't even stop. I know it's childish, and he was just a dog, but I hope that person thinks about what they did, and realizes that they took somebody's loyal friend of 14 years.
I don't care that he was blind in one eye, going deaf, and always too tired to run. He was my dog, and he deserved to die of old age... not from some asshole redneck in a big truck that didn't give a shit.

 hehe    2003-06-07 08:58:06 ET
does anyone here know any midgets? I have an obsession.... I just want to know one! that's all! I'm not a freak. I promise. I used to want one as a pet, when I was a kid, then my mom gently explained the fact that they are people. yeah, I was a stupid kid...but I grew out of it. anyway, now I just like little people. maybe cuz I'm tall...and I envy them.
aight, sorry.

 yada yada.....    2003-02-10 19:21:32 ET
What are you supposed to write in a journal that nobody ever reads?! *sigh* life is rough being un-famous....

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