yada yada.....
2003-02-10 19:21:32 ET

What are you supposed to write in a journal that nobody ever reads?! *sigh* life is rough being un-famous....

2003-02-10 19:27:01 ET

Eventually someone will greet you, probably on your first post. Greetings, it's good you found SK, even though most likely you were once a member and I'm wasting my time.

2003-02-10 19:36:03 ET

People will read it if you are nice and actually write from the heart :)

2003-02-10 20:04:24 ET

Which Lars? I'm confused!

2003-02-10 20:39:40 ET

what in the hell are you talking about, crazy lady?

the correct question would be "where's lars?"

2003-02-10 22:49:13 ET




sorry i havent been on today...read my latest journal entry (which i am going to post momentarily)...altho i dont suppose you're there now...ha!

2003-02-10 23:17:10 ET


2003-02-10 23:17:36 ET

oh, and your avatar is stellar.

2003-02-10 23:21:39 ET

you're norm now, eh?

2003-02-10 23:23:04 ET

oh and im sorry, jenna, i suppose i should have called you TABITHA so you can call me GEORGE (not that anyone else will get that)

but anyway

2003-02-10 23:24:33 ET

dude, Norm is my name. unless you're family.

2003-02-10 23:28:35 ET

welcome to sk y0 !! enjoy haha :)

2003-02-10 23:32:57 ET

and i believe i am family, dave

and jenna has been my friend for so long its downright scary, SO SHE'S FAMILY TOO!! :-P

2003-02-10 23:34:17 ET

i have no family, im a loser haha

2003-02-10 23:35:24 ET

you're family too, melanie :-P

so ha!

2003-02-10 23:45:46 ET

lol...righto then

2003-02-10 23:54:35 ET


2003-02-11 00:19:21 ET

Halo. Don't let Insane Boy get you.

2003-02-11 00:24:05 ET

yes, be wary of the insane boy at all costs

2003-02-11 00:27:14 ET

HALO! and welcome

2003-02-11 00:27:16 ET

oh hush!

insane boy is wonderful!


2003-02-11 00:29:00 ET

Make him show us that trick he does with his sword and underwear.

2003-02-11 00:29:22 ET

that's the best trick

2003-02-11 00:31:28 ET

yes it is!

i wonder if he's too tired to do it now tho :-\

but insane boy shouldnt ever be too tired! for he is INSANE!

2003-02-11 00:32:32 ET

Insanely caffeinated.

2003-02-11 00:35:40 ET

that too, my fair wench

2003-02-11 00:37:38 ET

You wanna take this outside, girly man?

2003-02-11 00:38:44 ET

you know it ;-)

2003-02-11 00:40:10 ET

In Oblong, Illinois, it's punishable by law to make love while hunting or fishing on your wedding day.

2003-02-11 00:47:34 ET

who makes love WHILE hunting or fishing!?

....rednecks are scary people....

2003-02-11 00:48:58 ET


2003-02-11 00:51:39 ET

rikki you REDNECK


2003-02-11 00:52:09 ET

yeah, Rikki's the reddest neck of us all

2003-02-11 00:52:47 ET

It's true. Born in Wyoming. Conceied in the back of a pickup truck on Prom night. NO JOKE. But I'm not a redneck. I'm white trash. Big difference.

2003-02-11 00:54:31 ET

my Father had an afro.

2003-02-11 00:55:00 ET

<wonders if there's such a thing as whitenecks or red trash>....

2003-02-11 00:56:14 ET

dude, that doesn't matter. my father had a two-foot wide fro.

2003-02-11 00:56:55 ET

your father sounds like a GENIUS!

2003-02-11 00:57:55 ET

he isn't! well, I dunno. I don't know him!
he should contact me and give me money.

2003-02-11 00:58:04 ET

so I can get some new shoes.

2003-02-11 00:58:26 ET

haha. I want a fro.

I could be a white trash punk girl with a Frohawk.

2003-02-11 00:59:19 ET

I met one of those at the club a couple weeks back. she was REALLY shy. it was weird, because she drew alot of attention to herself. then she sorta didn't say anything, and watched her shoes alot

2003-02-11 01:00:25 ET


2003-02-11 01:01:50 ET

yeah. I need new runners.

2003-02-11 01:03:23 ET

i need b00ts

2003-02-11 01:05:53 ET

I'm too hardcore for boots.

2003-02-11 01:13:28 ET

im too hardcore for most green vegetables.

2003-02-11 07:06:06 ET


2003-02-11 07:22:52 ET


2003-02-11 09:40:19 ET

poo in a bucket

2003-02-11 14:17:58 ET

hi sorry im kinda late now but welcome :)

2003-02-11 21:23:33 ET

yes yes welcome to sk!!! :)
there's that wierd pic of that guy again... LOL

2003-02-12 11:14:09 ET

wow....I feel like I'm part of a big loving disfunctional family! Because I suffer from a slight case of sociophobia, I must now go cling to Lars and wave a weak hullo to all of you.....:-D

2003-02-12 11:17:20 ET

yes yes...a beautfully disfunktional family we are :)
what is sociophobia!?
*waves weakly back at you* hehe lol

2003-02-12 11:39:47 ET

sociophobia...I have no clue. but my brother told me I have it...it's something to do with a fear of people...er...I dunno...I'm not really scared of people...just shy at first! *mutters* stupid brothers....

2003-02-12 11:46:53 ET

theres no such thing as sociophobia, theres a band called sociophobia I think.

2003-02-12 11:48:47 ET

agoraphobia (crowds)
androphobia (men)
Anglophobia (English people)
anthropophobia (people)
demophobia (crowds)
Francophobia (French people)
Gallophobia (French people)
Germanophobia (German people)
gringophobia (Americans)
gynephobia (women)
harpaxophobia (robbers)
heterophobia (straight people)
hierophobia (priests)
homophobia (gay people)
Japanophobia (Japanese people)
Judeophobia (Jewish people)
Negrophobia (Black people)
ochlophobia (mobs)
parenthophobia (young girls)
papaphobia (the Pope)
pedophobia (children)
Russophobia (Russian people)
Sinophobia (Chinese people)
Teutonophobia (German people)
xenophobia (foreigners)

pick one. . . sorry it's a little long.

2003-02-12 18:23:41 ET

hehe funny LOL

2003-02-12 18:23:58 ET

you forgot aracnaphobia!

2003-02-13 08:14:11 ET

a lot of phobias are missing on that list but I think that was purposeful...right?

aracnaphobia...that's the one I got (not diagnost by a doctor but by me)

2003-02-13 08:33:21 ET

Actually those are the phobias when your afraid of humans!

2003-02-13 08:38:47 ET


2003-02-13 08:40:51 ET

I'm papaphobia, I fear The Pope. . . he might touch me in wierd places.

2003-02-13 08:51:58 ET

you forgot autophobia, fear of one's self. that would really suck.

2003-02-13 12:42:54 ET

i have aracnaphobia too! :(
yes autophobia would really suck! heh

2003-02-13 13:18:23 ET

thank you for educating/correcting me/my brother. :-P

2003-02-14 09:42:21 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2003-02-15 21:28:37 ET

how did i know that was coming LOL

2003-02-16 01:46:36 ET

rudeboy never fails

but hey rudie, you forgot to show her where to go if she needs to pee ;-)

2003-02-16 02:56:58 ET

Oh yeah, pee here.

Poop here. :P

2003-02-16 03:05:54 ET

hahaha...you own!

2003-02-16 16:48:24 ET

thank you thank you..I was just gonna hold it, but because you shared your wisdom I shall live in comfort and never abuse my bladder again

2003-02-16 19:32:45 ET


2005-09-06 13:38:15 ET

I'm late but welcome

2005-09-07 11:41:03 ET


If you don't know what to post put up pics of b00bs.

And hi there.

2005-09-08 09:24:28 ET

oh yeah, I have tons of b00b pictures! :-P
haha.... thanks for the welcomes!

2005-09-14 23:14:33 ET

be like myspacetards and steal a bunch of other peoples' boobs and then plaster them all over your page and make them your avatar and while you're at it, just change your handle to 'b00bs'...or not. either way.

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