So this is it!    2005-10-04 13:07:17 ET
I talked with my recruiter today and a friend of mine ended up being at the office. She joined a year ago and is loving it.
I think I've made my decision. I'm going. I need to lose 14 pounds and work on push-ups. I'm ok with the running and sit-ups.
Anyway...wish me luck!
I'm hoping to get Aircraft Loadmaster! WOO!

 Why are there still "donate to Katrina victims" signs here?    2005-09-26 21:47:28 ET
I saw a sign today for Katrina victims and I laughed. Don't get me wrong, it's not funny... just ironic...

God decided to make the hurricane miss my house. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. We were hoping my little trailor would be destroyed... BUT in the long-run I guess it's easier this way.
I ended up having an AWESOME time running away from the hurricane that didn't hit here. Spent a few days on the river with friends kayaking, swimming, shopping, and having campfires. Then spent the night in austin on lake travis. SO MUCH FUN! I've decided that I know some of the best people in the entire world... all over the world!

Now me and my new tan are going to bed. We are tired.
cheerio dahlings!

 evac!    2005-09-21 06:19:21 ET
well.... as it turns out we have to leave. I was all for staying and watching the hurricane (still want to!) but considering the fact that I live next door to my parents in their 30 year old trailor I think it's best to find another place for a few days. We don't expect it to be here. I'm still hoping/believing that this is all blown way out of proportion and that it's a "normal" hurricane w/out the expected damage. But I'd rather be somewhere safe having fun than here getting shredded by 135mph sustained winds. Not fun.
I'm kind of disappointed because I was all prepared with my knives, gun, flashlights, food & water, candles...etc. I wanted PICTURES! buuuuut.... we'll see how it goes.
I'm about to pack up the computers now... so if nobody ever hears from me again....I probably died. ;-)
Pray for us!

 Hurricanes....    2005-09-19 18:40:56 ET
I'm not sure if Rita is planning on coming this way... but the projected storm surge will be going over my house. It will definitely be an interesting week....

 berfdays....    2005-09-14 06:56:21 ET
I'm starting to not like them year I'll be a quarter of a century old.... SAD!
So my brother went to take the ASVAB today to join the Coast Guard... the new recruiter there wouldn't let him take it cuz he sleep walked about 9 years ago. WTF?

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