2004-08-25 18:37:36 ET
Well, this weekend i gotta do somethin, i wanna go to the city, but is that really smart, with the convention comin up and all, everyone is in all hell, and like "terrorists may strike" if you ask me, i mean, if people were smart, they are expecting an attack, and yet, more people come to the city than normal, wtf? and i really really hate all these hippie protesters, what the hell is wrong with these people, they have nothing better to do than to travel out of their way, to be, what they call..."heard" thats complete bullshit, sitting in the street holding a blood stained sign isnt gonna change anything, so why bother, i mean, get a life for christs sake...damn yuppies with their mineral water and yoga,
these people dont really learn until it hits home, they bitch about the war and all that crap, but if you ask me...letting crap continue along the lines of Saddam, usually goes bad, i mean look at hitler, this country was fine during world war 2 cause there were no god damn protesters, everyone did what they were told, and this country functioned correctly.
And what really makes me sick to my stomach, is that these people have sympathy for these god damn iraqi's, who gives a shit if a few of em die, we are fixing the problem, things take time, especially if thing is covered in sand, my point is, our country goin into a verbal war with itself makes us seem weak to them, and im sorry but that just cannot happen

by the way...there goes my weekend...damn hippies

     2004-08-23 16:17:22 ET
a great band practice, in which we basically have an idea for a second song, which sounds better than the last....one negative thing is, i bought a pedal for my amp, but it dont do anything, my amp is already past a mega-distortion pedal, so, castolanno's only takes store credit, and it was 90 dollars,meaning i have to use it in the store, so, i think next week, ill be into getting an acoustic guitar, since i don't own one, there was a cool one there, an ibanez artwood, i think thats what it was called...but it sounded pretty good, so yeah, i think ill get that
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     2004-08-22 07:41:54 ET
went to the yankee game yesterday, oh well, they lost, but today im gonna go jam w/the band, hope it turns out well
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     2004-08-18 18:50:06 ET
work is tough this week, however things seem to be workin out at the site im at, for those of you who dont know me im a construction worker, making money to pay for future college costs... i do all of this in the big city...manhatten

as far as the band goes i wrote a song which we will probably work with, i am currently finishing up the lyrics, its tough, i usually end up with the complete song without lyrics, its what i do, i dont sing, i play guitar...oh well...whatever...my band is aiming at a metal sound, standard metal, well i got practice on saturday with the band, hopefully everyone can make it, i wanna get our first two songs down, so that when it is finally the way i pictured them to be, we will write the final copies of the sheet music. i hope it all goes well, i think we sound good together, and maybe this weekend ill end up jammin with my good friend greg, he usually teaches me a thing or two, its helpin get much better than how i used to play...
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     2004-08-16 16:24:25 ET
so while im settin stuff up,, for those of you who want to get to know me,
my fav. hobby is playin guitar, anyone else play?
this is my guitar a GIBSON SG

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