2004-09-15 15:47:58 ET
some people have nothin better to do than occupy themselves with this, are you kiddin?

its amazing...the things one would say over 1000 miles away from you

     2004-09-14 17:44:29 ET
im buyin a paintball gun soon, a good one too, i think its good considerin itll be the second one i have ever owned, its a spyder, i forget the model number, it cost's like 169.

nm goin on this week, jus been havin fun playin my guitars, getting better with every passing moment

no plans so far this weekend, so if your a friend, and wanna do somethin this weekend, call me, i m me, anything, see you guys later

     2004-09-12 14:16:57 ET
my jets just won a great football game, woo hoo, 31-24
1 comment

     2004-09-11 20:45:03 ET
this was the coldest summer we have ever had, where are all them global warming yuppies, oh i know, there bitchin bout bush....i woulod love to fight some of em in that classic batman fight seen mode, where as i would land a hit, and a sound of thwarp or pow or crunch would be wriiten across the screen

by the way, i seem to be the olny colored person on this site, yay for me,

p.s., if you are colored please send an 8x10 photo of yourself to 105 regis drive 10314 staten island n.y.

 ALL NEW    2004-09-09 14:41:07 ET
Ladies and Gentlemen...i have welcomed a new member to the family....
THE IBANEZ ArtWood 100
this guitar is a supreme acoustic, it sounds wonderful, and aint too bad lookin...cant wait to jam....the pic is on the main page

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