he's the only good thing i've got going for me <3    2004-08-05 21:13:04 ET
i'm not liking how things are going right now.

+sick of not working.
+want school to start so I can finish my last 6 classes and be done with it.
+don't want to be in physical therapy for the 3rd time this year.
+sitting at home alone sucks ass- i should starting taking myself out on the town!
+need to review for my GMAT and look into applying to MBA programs.
+need to find a higher paying job, or atleast a second job, or maybe a career?
+have to get my exercise schedule back on track and eat better.
+complaining won't get me anywhere.
+must stop being so bitter.
+finally able to straighten my arm out...wish it wasn't so numb.
+sooo terribly exhausted because I can't get a good night's sleep.
+sleeping in the same two positions is making me achy.

kim-don't forget-you need a haircut and your eyebrows look like ass.
you need to mail the loan info.
your laptop sucks dick and you need a new hard drive.
buy the rest of your books.

yeah yeah yeah...

 two in one night? you know i'm bored...    2004-08-01 18:00:42 ET
you gotta love it when you open the dryer door to find the largest wad of tangling underclothes that you've ever seen in your life!

1 bra + 4 undies + 1 cami = huge mess

 my gaaawd, she does not want to get in the damn wading pool. deal!    2004-08-01 15:41:12 ET
these people have had their screaming children outside all damn day and it's starting to piss me off. i'm sure they need to eat and have naps and shit and i could stand a little quiet time.

it's been a little while since i've updated...
it's not like there's anything HUGE going on in my life though. i finally get to go back to work tomorrow and I took my damn sling off a day early because I was damn sick of it aaaaand i got a new tattoo today which the sling would rub on.
so, about my tatoo- i thought it up the other night while i was in a funk and feeling rather lonely. it's in remembrance of my close family members that have passed. it's a reminder that they'll always be with me and watching over me.

the original design.

the result.


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