2004-07-18 16:18:53 ET
my rechargable batteries won't recharge. motherfuckers.
i bought some new ones and was finally able to download my 4th of july fireworks pics. woo!

now, it's off to the movies with jolie and her jeremy.
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 stupid shoulder.    2004-07-12 07:11:36 ET
i wish the numbness in my arm and thumb and index finger would go the fuck away! i see my doc today but i don't think he can do anything about it. :(

Today's lesson:
Absynthe == God Awful!

 ahoy.    2004-07-08 12:48:46 ET
Quick update:

My surgery went absolutely great.
I've been up north all week since and it's been absolutely crappy, cold and rainy.
I'm going to an Incubus concert tomorrow!
Bought some cheese curds. mmmmm!

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