28.    2004-06-04 13:31:53 ET
might go see Ralphie May from "Last Comic Standing" tonight. I just hope my friend decides soon or we might not get tickets. Oh well, we can just go to the bar if we don't get 'em.

bought a tuner for my guitar today...sounds sooo much better in tune. of course, it's not like i can play the damn thing anyway.

does anyone else have a lazy-as-hell little sister that milks your parents for money becuase they don't have a job? and the only reason they don't have a job...well, as my mother puts it "her [only] summer class is just too hard". that "hard" class? it's not. she only makes it seem so because she is lazy. maybe i'm being harsh, but I really don't want to see my parents baby her for the rest of her life. she needs to grow up.

     2004-05-25 17:58:56 ET
i got a raise! woohoo!

 38.    2004-05-25 11:19:29 ET
I finished The Da Vinci Code at 3am this morning. I read the last 200 pages yesterday, unable to put it down for more than 30 seconds. Only took me 6 six nights to read the 450+ page book. Best I've ever read! Now I want to read Angels & Demons, word is it's even better.

A guy I work with and his gf had a baby last night, he brought pictures in today. She's so adorable. The mother named her Audra. Poor Paul had no say in anything b/c this girl is a mega-bitch who sees him as the "sperm donor". He's still awfully excited, and I hope they stay on good terms! I was put in charge of purchasing the gift from everyone at the store. I'm excited. I like buying stuff for other peoples babies!

must do my homework before class.

38 days. eek!

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