42.    2004-05-21 08:21:31 ET
it is currently 1:12pm, yet it looks like it's about 8-9pm because of how dark it is outside.
I went to run some errands and the temperature seriously dropped 10 degrees as all these dark dark clouds rolled in. I came out of walgreens and everything was dark and still, it was so erie. I just crossed my fingers and hoped i'd make it home before the downpour hit.
Looking at the radar on my weather bug it shows this HUGE blob of red and yellow over Lansing right now. Eek!
Thunderstorms are very beautiful...even though i despise rain.

I schedule my surgery date. July 2nd. 42 days. The Doctor is going to clean up the impingement(whatever the hell that means?), look at the labrum to see if it's torn, then look at/clean a spot where he thinks I may have arthritis. he'll do it all through the scope then, if need be, make an incision.
I'm just going to sit on my butt up north at my parents cabin for a good week and a half after that. woo!

time to work out then get ready for work.

 shiiit.    2004-05-14 18:24:06 ET
Kim, Your ideal job is a Superhero.
Kimberly, Your ideal job is a President.
Kimberly Smith, Your ideal job is a Anything where you can kiss ass.
Kimberly Elizabeth Smith, Your ideal job is a Paleantologist.

Job Predictor

being a superhero would totally rock.

 sweet.    2004-05-14 06:08:07 ET

A Short Story Printed Only Through Tattoos

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