[insert curse words here]    2004-04-05 10:33:59 ET
out with fad diets, and in with fad bulimia.

jkhdsgf;atouahhshjsafdlakfjlhgalkjdsakjglsaf AHHHHH!!!!!!!
purging is not cool. designer mesh hats aren't either. oh and who can forget high-heel beach sandals?


personal preference, i guess.

 yo ho ho.    2004-03-27 19:40:05 ET
holy crap.
the bar crawl was mega-fun.
i keep remembering bits and pieces of funny things that happened.
some guy insulted my mom and we almost got into a fight.
me, my friend katie, and some girl w/ the bar crawl group were comparing our stomaches in the middle of the bar.
katie got pissed off at me because we were "lost" for like 2 minutes while walking.
i passed out on my bed snoring wildly and couldn't be woken up(so jolie says haha).

surprisingly, i didn't have much of a hangover.
anyway, off to bed to prepare for another awesome day of work.

 damn that is a sweet earth.    2004-03-25 09:34:12 ET
My mind is all over the place today.

This is the most adorable thing on earth:
Four-Eared Kitten Finds 'Normal' Home

It's 60 degress today!! SOO warm! It's overcast but I'm not complaining. I'm just happy that I didn't have to wear a jacket today. And it's flip-flop weather! [i hate wearing shoes and socks]

The Society of Engineering Arts bar crawl is tomorrow! woo!

The little mew monster is starring at me. Jolie, come pay attention to your baaaaby.

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