meh.    2004-03-08 18:03:40 ET
no new virus emails and it seems as if i've been removed from the random mailing list. sweet.

my spring break started last thursday...i've had to work every day since. how shitty. tuesday and wednesday are my "weekend". then it's back to work until saturday, maybe even sunday.

My effing shoudler hurts like bloody hell b/c i had to spend over 2 hours stocking pop both saturday and sunday morning because that mongoloid Jared never does anything he's supposed to when he closes.

 yo, yo, yo!    2004-03-03 20:04:31 ET
My terribly stressful week is over! :)
I didn't do too well on my quizzes tuesday but that's okay. I did great on my midterms today! And I got all 60 capa Qs done and my aerobics and electronics homework done. I had a hell of a lot to do in just three nights.

That new virus is driving me nuts. I've gotten three of them today. And somehow I've been added to this mailing list in the math dept. and I've been getting these little emails all day that say things such as 'hi' and other banter but the most recent is terribly funny. It is as follows:

From: "Cedric" <******> Add to Address Book
To: "Everyone" <>
Subject: Bad Roommate

I'll start off my email to you all with a question:
Does anyone else have a bad roommate? Cause I sure do...
Here is what happened...

Today I needed to use my roommate's computer for a drawing in Photoshop, as I am an art major, and when I got on it, Kazaa was open and he had downloaded atleast 3gb of gay, male-on-male pornographic movies.
Should I confront him or should I just not say anything?

Bed time! :D

 UPDATE ON THE TICKET!!!!    2004-02-27 09:04:54 ET
The Officer didn't show up! The magistrate said she was "sick" today. I believe it has something to do with the fact that there were 9 people(8 female, 1 male) scheduled in court, at roughly the same time as I, who were all fighting tickets from the same officer for the same offense at the very same intersection!

There's nothing better than getting out of a $130 fine, 3 points on my license, and a resulting insurance increase(that i would surely have to pay for b/c of the deal I worked out with my parents).
I'm going to celebrate by romping around the apartment in a wild fashion!

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