stress?! i don't have time for it.    2004-02-27 08:08:02 ET
so much to do so little time!
between now and wednesday I have:
-30 online hw Q's due monday for Env. Eng., due mon.
-an assignment for electronics, due wed.
-an assignment due in aerboics due tues.
-a quiz in unigraphics tues.
-a quiz in electronics lab tues.
-a midterm in env. eng. wednsday
-a midterm in supply chain mgmt. wednesday

then it's smoooooth sailing right into spring break at 5:30pm wednesday. my thursday classes are too easy to care about.
I went home last night and i got my hair cut in town and it's absolutely wonderful. i also got an eyebrow wax and listened in on all the town gossip. and it was only a whopping $17. i love my small town! and Becky and Sue, the ladies at the salon, are absolutely great. i hate paying over $40 for a cut, blow dry and wax in Lansing.

Off to court I go to fight this stupid ticket I got. wish me luck!

 fuck you.    2004-02-16 19:15:14 ET
i don't understand it. i just don't. when you own a computer, one you use everyday, you normally know what your computer does right? i mean, you might actually play the functions and maybe even look at that little user guide thingy. not my sister.
i'm under the impression that a gorilla could operate a computer better than her and even manage to not get a virus every other day even though the computer is equipped with an updated version of norton. i haven't had any anti-virus software in like 4 years and i've never gotten a virus. i duno. i'm just really pissed off right now. i could go on for about 3 hours but i'm not. i'm going to take a deep breath and i'm going to go lay down with my shoulder(which hurts like bloody-fucking-hell right now from all this tension) on a heating pad taking a great big pain killer then wake up to another day of classes, my sister's nagging, having to deal with stupid companies that offer terrible customer support and even worse products and cuss a lot.

 i must go buy a little mermaid balloon.    2004-02-15 10:00:06 ET
i am sooo bored. Jolie is at her boy's house until tomorrow. i miss her. and jeff is MIA.
my parents are coming down to take me my sis and her roomate out for her birthday(she's from NY, too far for her parents to come visit for the day). free meal. woo.

a bit of randomness from a fellow engineering student:
"Engineering building."
Two words in the progressive perfect tense. "EngineerING" and "buildING". But I still think something is missing. Know why? Because it's not specific enough. There's no helping verb to tell you whether the engineering happens in the past... or present... or future. I think the name of the EB should be changed to the
"had been engineering, have been engineering, am engineering, and will be engineering for days nonstop building"

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